2007 tour rumours - Serbia

Added on Sunday 11 February 2007, 17:08 (GMT)

Some websites, including Belgrade 2.0 are reporting that Jamiroquai are rumoured to be performing at the Road Fest event being held in Zrenjanin, Serbia between 28 and 30 June 2007.  Another rumour reported is that the band will be performing at the Nisville Jazz festival (also in Serbia) between 15 and 18 August.

Only time will tell if these are indeed genuine tour dates.

Credit: Ivana Ljubojevic, Mateja

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More concerts! =)
Cant Jamiroquai come here to Argentina, please? !!

mmmmm i think it's just a rumour.. the band said that they wouldn't tour on 2007. in the case that they do some concerts, i think they'll do England first.. anyway that's my opinion, i might be wrong

I think its just a rumour too, but then again, you never know...

Last year same time there have been some rumours going around (starting from a french website) that the band would be playing at Sziget Festival 2006 in Hungary, but the organizers were only in talks with the management, nothing serious. I think this is the same situation here, I wouldn't pay much attention to this news...

i still want to go to a gig i haven't been yet :( i only got in to jamiroquai around 04/05 and was not hard core (for want of a better phrase) enough to go to any dynamite gigs

bring on the 07 jazz album and new tour dates

What can i say people, i know as much as you do, but tomorrow is the 'Road fest' press conference so hopefully they will clear some things up, and i hope that we will have the opportunity to see Jamiroquai in Serbia once again.

ok let's cross fingers then

I want to see jamroquai in turkey turkisf fansssss

I hope these dates are authentic, as I wanna go to any Jamiroquai concert VERY badly.

I hope jquai gets to play this gig, Serbia is surely an interesting spot to play.

It's almost festival time, hehe...

we all do knjaz!!let's hope it's true...

please visit POLAND!!!!

Still nothing new about this. The press conference came and went but everything is still wrapped in mystery. Hopefully this won't be another scam designed to rob people off their money, they already started selling tickets and almost none of the announced bands confirmed the gig.

are we gonna get a tour at all this year(2007) in england!!! plz jay kay if your reading this can we get a tour plz!!!!!!!!!!it will be my first jamiroquai consert and my first one ever!!!!

i think its just rumours. so you people shouldnt be jealous of us living in serbia:))

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