High Times "Deluxe Edition" release for Japan

Added on Monday 05 February 2007, 22:46 (GMT)
Online retailer CD Japan is listing a limited pressing "Deluxe Edition" release of the High Times: Singles 1992-2006 greatest hits album on its site.  With a release date of 28 March 2007 and a catalogue number of EICP-758, it is described as "Deluxe edition reissue of Jamiroquai's "High Times" greatest hits collection includes bonus remix CD and special case design."
Credit: Rafa Tamarit

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Always Japan...


Not cool.


And you've known that Japan gets all the extra JMQ crap for HOW LONG? :P

Yeah, it's not cool. But they're legends in the land of the rising sun. Gotta keep the schoolgirls happy.


C'Mon Re-issue !?!? How can that be when it just got released.? -it dosent matter that it's JP , its just matters what differences there might be. anybody with interent and a CC can buy.....

lord please. don`t take my money away no mo´

the Japanese's have always got the cool stuff but this is just our double disc edition in a limited edition packaging if you want it just buy it and enjoy :)

damn, I want "half the man" too, always just japan..

wait wait...
godzila was from japan right?

Godzilla is J-K's Love child. That is why he got the contract for the movie soundtrack gig!!!

How many times do I have to buy this album !!!

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