Dance Dance Revolution with Jamiroquai

Added on Sunday 04 February 2007, 08:25 (GMT)
Feels Just Like It Should is one of the songs included on the forthcoming console game Dance Dance Revolution Universe.  The game is set for release on the XBOX360 in March.

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youuu know this boogie is for reaaaal^^
but this time fjlis but i think its not the best dance song from jamiroquai

You're right - DILWUTD is.

Anyone knows sthg about the results of Gig in the sky competition?

Should be Canned Heat or Little L!!

No it shouldn't, FJLIS is an awesome track and it's about time it was recognized as one!

(Knjaz)what's DILWUTD? do you mean CH? I'm in usa and am not up to date with all the new lingo

yeah, Feels just like it should is a song difficult to dance. But Jay can do that! =)
And is really cool That Feels is included on a game. In 2005 was in the FIFA.

The people responsible for the music selection for DDRU have made a significant statement by chosing FJLIS. We all know how terrific it is, but the research that went into selecting this song proves that Jamiroquai's music is of the standard and infiltrates the standards of the ever-greedy commercial world.

LOL - this is a miracle because it's recognized that artistry is not always a clincher in decisions where popularity and sales are crucial - quality often is left as a second thought over 'tinsel of times' type music.

Think of all those 'virgin' ears that are now going to hear FJLIS, and say 'I wonder who made that song???', and then they discover . . . and their life changes !!!

Deserves congratulations - and another reason for all to be proud to be Jamiroquai fans

*** 'HIGH(times)FIVES ' Everybody in Jamily ***

They must have seen the film Munich ,too .
Good stuff , David ?

Soul c - DILWUTD is "Do it like we used to do," a bonus track from some releases of AFO. I'm kind of peeved that I've never heard this track actually. If anyone knows where I can get hold of it ...

@ Steve
If you want it...
[email protected] me if you know how^^

Maxud, I'd also like to contact you to get it...
[email protected] ppppplease!

DILWUTD has the fastest beat in the whole Jamiroquai catalogue, I don't think it qualifies as a dance song per se. Still, one of the best things from the AFO era.


DILWUTD is a fantastic tune, i love the horns!

:( never heard DILWUTD... :( ...

FJLIS is a wicked track, the bass line is sooo mean....has ne one seen the cingular commercial with FJLIS in the backround?? Ludacris is in the commercial as well.

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