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Added on Thursday 01 February 2007, 20:22 (GMT)

In the Billboard "Hot Dance Club Play" chart dated 10 February, Runaway has once again moved up the chart and this week is at number 5, two places higher than last week.

In the Billboard Dance Airplay chart, Runaway is a new entry at number 21. If you're wondering which stations have been playing the track, according to, seven radio stations get monitored for this chart.

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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Well, is excellent at numer 5 in the Billboard!! =D
I was listeing runaway today, and i love it ^^

Thanks Deesh :)



Excelent, is going to be number one!!!!

Thats great!!!!! I feel they should release Radio with a good video.

Thanx Deesha

All I can say is that Jamiroquai just keep getting better and better! That's not to take away from the earlier stuff at all. They're a wonderful band. As for "Runaway", I ordered the remixes & I can't get enough! They're all wonderful mixes. I don't know if I should give Jay the credit or what, but somebody has a knack for pickin' the best musicians for this band. Also, the best DJ's to do the remixes. Not surprised at all to see "Runaway" climbin' the charts!

Agree with Valerie. Good video and release for Radio NOW!!


i wonder if radio will be released as a single before the new album..only god knows...or now no. 3..on that chart. Cant see..due to its lyrics...Radio...getting radio play. Perhaps with an edit? This Runaway make High Times ..more of a hit...than they thought.

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