Gig In The Sky competition at The Sun

Added on Thursday 01 February 2007, 07:23 (GMT)

After the newspaper mentioned it a few days ago, a competition is now running at The Sun newspaper (UK) website for tickets to the Gig In The Sky being held later this month. They write...

JAMIROQUAI are set to play at 35,000ft on a specially modified Boeing 757 flying from Munich to Athens.

Winners will be taken to the German city to board the flight on February 27, escorted to the aftershow party, provided with an overnight stay and flown back to the UK the next day. Food and drinks are on the house too.

And sponsors Sony Ericsson will give each winner one of their W950i Walkman phones.

Please visit The Sun website and if you're looking for the email address for entries, it is just above the photo of Jay.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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Cheers ! Another competition entered to maximise my slim chances ! Does anyone know when winners for this or the official competiton will be notified ?

Shall I just curl and die of envy right now ???

been waiting for this, and the only day i dont check to see - lol!


Good luck everyone - I've got my fingers/toes crossed for you. I'm in Australia, but I truly hope some good old fans wins the tickets.


I Won!! YES!! Gig in the sky im comming! see you...

adi: which competition? The one in The Sun from today? Or another one?

I hope somebody records it!
that would be the ultimate bootleg

i won on Radio NRJ. it is the same. only i fly back home, not to UK

I read somewhere that this is an acoustic set...does that mean the equipment's gonna be downsized even further from the Jazz Cafe/Mean Fiddler gigs?

This could get very interesting...

I wish jay could do something like gig in the sky for his american fans its not like jay is ever going to come visit chicago again, is it? WE'RE STARVIN' FOR THOSE GOOD VIBES TOO, YA HEARD ?!

I agree with Arcturus,but i go even further to say a whole tour would be nice. Ever since Jerry Garcia died we have'nt had to many bands that we could go boogie down to. Not to mention all the discos we had in the camp grounds after the Grateful Dead shows. I think that if Jamiroquai toured here they would have a huge following from city to city

i can't believe !gig in the sky will be a beautuful thing and i don't believe that i can't go beacuse i didn't win..the strange thing is that i'am in munich that day,since a week,becuse my mamy leav's in,you no what?i will try to go anyway at the aereoport,i meet jk a lot of times in my life,and every time he recognize me because i got a tattoo on my arm..the buffalo man!i will try !i will try!what do you thing,i am crazy?i am elena from italy bye bye

Any news at all anyone?

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