12" vinyl remix release update

Added on Tuesday 06 February 2007, 06:45 (GMT)

A post on the forum says that the fifth and vinyl 12" vinyl remix release will at last be released.  It looks like the 1996 track Alright has been remixed by Alan Braxe and Fred Falke, who were responsible for one of the remixes of Runaway in late 2006.

This differs from the previous news story which suggested that Canned Heat would be the final release and we can assume that this will be Jamiroquai's final release on Sony BMG.

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jay kay had did a samall records for stretsounds hip hop in 1986 its a sampler impossible to find first records forjay kay

I thought...there was an upcoming jazz the can..the Sony can..for release this year. Completing his 8 album Not so? I know Im mathmaticly challenged. Someone fill us in.

ok the 8 albums were

the 6 studio albums
3) TWM
4) Synkronized
5) AFO
7) Dynamite
6)live in verona
8)High Times 1992-2006

i will be buying this as soon as it is released to make all 5 but it is hardly a 06 summer release now in early spring 07 oh well im sure it will be as good now as it would have been then lol

Took 'em long enough...

@ snolan:
Actually “Live in Verona” is not a studio album, is a DVD and it does not count in the contract. What happened here was that Jay did not want to make the Greatest Hits and the only way to convince him was by counting the Greatest Hits as if were 2 discs and not one and that way finish the contract.
Jay said this in one of the podcast interviews, I don't remember wich one exatly but I'm pretty sure there's where I heard it :)

So...anyone know about ..this jazz album rumor..or substance.

A question for snolan:

Are the four vinyls you have good? Which one is the best?

I'm thinking about getting them so is there anywhere I can hear some samples?


the fifth one out of the "summer remix" releases planed for 2006 is vinylly here,yeah! I would imagine it will be awhile before the rumored jazz album will be out

These guys will do an excellent job of remixing "Alright". I was never too keen on the todd terry mix and I couldn't think of a more perfect song for those two boys to remix.

Someone come and talk to me when this remix turns out to be incredible, i will say "I told you so", prepare for a brilliant track if this rumour is true

in response to Damo i have to say that space cowboy is a good one mainly because it has the david morales mix but the cosmic girl and deeper underground ones are fantastic to my advice is to go on to and buy all four that already exist for 3.99 each. it cant be bad :)

Thanks Mate!

Alan Braxe is the maaaan

i wonder after this last sony will be the things after...we hope better than now...i mean''more better''...and we hope jay starts to support more ecologic campaigns-protests around the world and all the anti-war stuff the band can in the first album, more peace songs and songs about the world we have now(the sequel of virtual insanity...damn god, that sounds great...we need another message like that in this ways where all the things go wrong and looks all so bad...jamiroquai can help alot), so i will wait to have a new album with anything that can help this world and great love songs too
all we need is more love and peace
i hope the band have some punk-rock sounds in the next album mixed with jazz and, i cant wait...

Fifth AND FINAL? You're kidding me.

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