Jamirotalk presents....The Big Jamiroquiz

Added on Tuesday 30 January 2007, 18:06 (GMT)

To celebrate the upcoming 5th year anniversary of Jamirotalk, a quiz, where you can win with some great "Multiquai" prizes, has been launched.  Head over to to enter "The Big Jamiroquiz". 

The competition runs until 11 February 2007, 6pm GMT.  For more information about the quiz there is also a forum thread where you can discuss the quiz etc.

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good luck everyone!

take time to think about the right answers ;)

I have problems with the registration in jamirotalk. I dont know what to put in GMT and Date.. :(

I`m amazed, the quizz shows a great insight and is just fun


oh yes it is fun but i think i dont win anything by the way...

i have the price already^^

Good luck everyone!

I can for certain reasons not enter. ;)

@antonella: GMT is the timezone you are in and date is your birthdate - but there is no need to fill in those infos - just create a username, a password and a working email address - the other things you can change later in your profile. Contact me if you have further problems: [email protected]

Good luck to everyone and HUGE congrats on 5 years JTalk - what a great forum!!!!!


Thanks you very much Meike! :)
I'll try again! :D

Congrats on the 5 Jamirotalk years, I've been 4 there and it has become a great family.. oh right Im sorry: jamily.

D! (dyego)

im on today...i will join this party yeaaaa
i will sedn my answers the soon i can...

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