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Added on Monday 29 January 2007, 07:35 (GMT)

Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris posted a message on his MySpace blog a few days ago saying that the band had recently done a soundcheck for the Gig In The Sky - which will be taking place at the end of February.  Well, here's a little more information courtesy of drummer Derrick McKenzie...

"We are all excited about doing this gig on the plane especially Rick [Pope] as he has new mini desk to try out and it does look fab I must say so myself, and I will be playing the smallest kit on earth I think, lucky me going back to my roots of playing the way I learnt years ago, with just bass drum, snare drum, hi hat, one crash cymbal and a ride ha ha ha!!!!!"

"I had the pleasure of going down with some of the guys on Monday [22 January] to the airport to have a run through to see that all was working well, and that all the technical stuff would work.  It went well and we managed to have a good play and sound check.  Of course our equipment will be truly scaled down so it will be a lot of fun to do.  I love these types of gigs as you can experiment with the stuff you are doing.  I am truly looking forward to this and playing music with the lads!!!!"

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This is more than grat!!, I wish i could go!!! ears...!!!

Go Derrick !!! Go Rick !!!
Good luck to all of the lads and our girls !!!

Anyone wanna get on that plane. I'll be your friend.

sounds so exciting.
this is the first time i really feel like wanting to go win a ticket for that gig.
till now i couldn't enter to any competition....

...going back to the roots....that's the essence of making music! I hate Pro-tools & co....

Great Rob And Derrick! =)
Yeah, that gig will be Amazing.

If i just could go..

i am curious who is more excited..u or all these fans waiting in vain the next days for a call of SE...AAAAAA
excitement everywhere!!!!

How many are gonna be on this flight...lemme tell ya, if ANYONE of them manages to record this and put it up, they're gonna be legends in this fanbase, lol

I hope fly in this plane !!!!!!!

At the risk of sounding dumber than my post about the 'This is the World he wants' video, can someone tell what is Mr. Pope's mini desk ??? Thank you.

Little H: it'll be a little mixing desk thats going to hopefully be a touch smaller than this one. Its so he can adjust the volume etc. of the different instruments and microphones that are on the plane.

Thank you David, it sounded a little vague 'mini desk' so I though I'd better enquire . . . I was hoping perhaps that his desk was for selling tickets - LOL !!! Desperation leads to delusions !!!

I just tried the tinyurl and I am blocked from here.
*&^%$£"* !!! &^%$£" !!! *&^%$£"* !!! *&^%$£"* !!!
That's life in Saudi !!!
Thanks anyway, if anyone wants to send me that info contained in the above mentioned tinyrul via email I'll be very grateful.

it surely would be a digital mixer like Yahama 01....

Little H..also didn´t work for me, don´t think it has to do with "life in Saudi" hehe

Little H ,one cymbal is mute .
A cross is mute , too . Sometimes you find them
on motorways .

starchild remix ? No. too difficult for such a little
mixtape .

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