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Added on Thursday 25 January 2007, 22:26 (GMT)

Another day, another update from a band member, and today its guitarist Rob Harris.  Rob has posted a new track (that includes Matt Johnson on keyboards) and an update to his blog at MySpace.  Part of the blog reads...

"Oh yeah,we did our soundcheck on the plane for next months gig this week.VERY BIZARRE but it's gonna be a riot.  Looking forward to it."

Check out to keep up to date with what Rob is up to. 

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the new tune is amazing!!!!
please release it!

must be exciting even for the band to play in a´s not something u do everyday ;)

im sure they will fly at speed of cheeba...

Good luck and all the best Rob! Hijack alert...
On this day in history... I was right their up front, and Sola's and Wallis's performance together at the front of the stage was incredible! Wallis also played the yidaki during 'Use The Force'.

I wish I could join them on that plane... but I guess not unless a miracle happens or someone is nice enough to take me as their guest.

Rob, the new tune is brilliant. Love the old school approach and the subtle Brazilian touch to it. Top notch! :)

Reggae in the luggage room ,Mr Harris ?

Hey Rob, glad you're a busy boy and great track :) Good luck with the Gig in the Sky - would love to be there but Aussies are just a bit too far away lol :) Hope it all goes well :) :) :)


i'm the plane crash-proof?

cant turn on your cell phne in flight - but apparently a band and monitors and PA system are AOK - hm :)

That singer sounds like a very young Omar - very smooth. A definite uniqueness to his voice, and someone that sounds like they can adapt to all styles of music whether house or old school soul. As his musical career grows, I'll be curious to see the type of work he does. Lovely track Rob!

Can you tell JK he forgot his future life um UR wife when he left Australia
and that I will be waitin in the lost n found till he gets back Cheers Zoe B Love your work good luck with the plane gig say hi to Jon travolta for me he he

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