New dance remix of Feels Just Like It Should

Added on Friday 26 January 2007, 06:38 (GMT)

A new one sided 12" white label remix of Feels Just Like It Should has recently been listed at music store  The artist is marked as "Jam An Iroquai" and the track is called "The Way It Should If Feel" (I am not sure if that's a mistake and it should be The Way It Should Feel).

A clip of this remix is available to listen to from the Juno records website. 

Oh, and in other remix news, the Alan Braxe/Fred Falke remix of Runaway can be found in a dance remix over at

Credit: Michael Edwards

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Disgusting :s

I'm waiting for the release of other single from Dynamite, perhaps Tallulah and TWW. Remix overkill on already released singles is becoming boring, but I know I will treasure them all the same.

Which one is yukkio Seb ???

jam an iroquai-cool name lol

Or: jPRINCESSquai / jAMIRAquai !!! Even cooler !!!

I´M LOVIN JAMIROQUAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

=) Thanks for the new remix! I'll listen it.
And runaway, too.

the links are not coming up wih anything!?!?!

i cant get anything either looks like its been removed

Thanks a lot for that!:D

key the if feeling ,it's all good runaway .
Remix '' radio '', please

Please check the news page. There's an updated link and news item about this.

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