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Added on Thursday 25 January 2007, 07:43 (GMT)

Here is a (sort of) update on a past Jamiroquai bandmember.  Ex-Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender has reportedly been seen out partying with Leo DiCaprio following celebrate Leo's nomination for an Oscar and the premiere of his latest movie.  Part of an article at the Mirror newspaper (UK) reads...

...He [Leo] popped back to his £4,000-a-night suite at the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge to swap his suit for jeans and was straight out again - to Boujis in South Kensington.

There, Leo and his 20-strong entourage - including dapper ex-Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender - downed more vodka, the club's infamous "Crackberry" champagne cocktails and "strawberry cheesecake" vodka shots.

For genuine news about Stuart and his musical work, I would suggest visiting

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the club's infamous "Crackberry" champagne cocktails and "strawberry cheesecake" vodka shots.

hehe i know hes like me^^

plz dont put news about stuart zender cz we dont care about him or his life! he s been out of the band for 9 years ... i hate him

:@ = you are a plonker.......without zender there would be no jamiroquai......idiot

f*ck dicaprio

hahahh what does SZ have to do with DiCaprio..? i can't see the conection between them..

DiCaprio has or had been a financial backer for Zender's band Leroi for a couple of years, I believe. Please tell me if I'm wrong...

'Strawberry cheesecake' vodka? Guys, one of my biggest vices is strawberry cheesecake. But even this sounds bad.

marina....female fans? hehe

Chris: well remembered.... This is what I wrote here in July 2004...

Monday 12 July 2004, 22:20 (BST)

FOX News is reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio is such a big fan of a group put together by ex-Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender that he's offered to invest money in the group. The group "Leroy", is the brainchild of Stuart, and is apparently a cross between The Beatles and Earth, Wind and Fire.

without jay there would not be jamiroquai not zender . Jamiroquai continued without zender !

Yeah but jamiroquai are not jamiroquai without zender!!

Stu Zender rulz! No matter how long ago it was he is and always will be a part of Jamiroquai, of the beginning of Jamiroquai that i love and I'm sure that without him the early jam-sound would have been very different ( not as funkish* anyways :), who can deny that ? )...Earth, Wind & Fire/The Beatles sounds nice, I'll have to check it out...
PS:Hey Sandriche, are you really that surprised ?! :DDD

"strawberry cheesecake" vodka shots" - sounds really delicious and like a really adult thing to drink. LOL :)

strawberry cheesecake vodka sounds great (it's my birthday soon. ok i lie it's ages away i just wanted free fancy drinks) still i'm not sure it would be possible to down shots of it without feeling sick. it's like eating a piece of double chocolate mudcake in ten seconds flat.

They have been friends for years as Leonardo DiCaprio was a fan of jamiroquai years ago. Now i want strawberry cheesecake vodka shots!

Maybe this is a matter of delegation of stress
and not who let down whom .

Haha Zender you legend

I think Stu is a great bass player but it is obvious why he is no longer in the band. The guy used to sit down during shows. He would go take a seat on the funkin drum riser. If I was Jay and the others I would have thrown his ass out the damn window. You don't ever sit down during a show while your on tour trying to spread your message. It just goes to show the type of guy he is. You never ever do that. Especially with the type of music Jamiriquai plays. Everybody else is dancing and groovin and there is Stu sitting on the drum riser looking bored as hell. JK and Derek are Jamiroquai. In all honesty as much as some may or may not like it--JK is Jamiroquai-Plain and simple.

^^ I guess you went to see every show then!?

What does it matter if it was one show or 1000 shows? When your on tour you have to assume at every stop there are going to be people seeing you for the first time and your first impression is the one that is gonna stick. One of the only things I remember about this show was Stu sitting down. I had never seen it before by any band and after having seen thousands of bands perform I have yet to see it ever happen again. It did not look like he was sick just bored. Jay acted like nothing was out of the ordinary and never said anything like please bear w/ Stu tonight he's not feelin so well. So I would bet this was not the first or last time he ever sat down during a show. He is a killer bass player but there is much more to it than just being good on your instrument. You gotta be able to handle the road, roadies, other people in the band getting more of the spotlight, getting more money especially if they have publishing rights to songs and lyrics etc.... Your a professional, your on stage, people are paying money to see you, you gotta act the part no matter what. This was not some backyard BBQ house party this was a big show-full house that night 3,000+ people. Being the bass player that he is, I have no doubt that some bass players went to that show only to see Stu and left thinking what the hell, just like I did.

zender is great...he was and always will be a significant part of Jamiroquai. For many years Jamiroquai were a lot more than just JK (and I argue, they still are) but during those early years in particular, Stu was integral. I saw the band in 95 and he was fantastic...even if he sat down, I still would have thought he was great, as I respect him as a song writer & musician. His job on stage never seemed to be to jump around and 'perform'. I've seen plenty of fantastic bass players during my 30 years and some have sat down...Doug Wimbish was one.

Hi . Here's a chair .Take a seat .

Jay is Jamiroquai just like Bradley Nowell was Sublime. It is simple mathamatics. With No Brad there is no Sublime. With No Jay there is no Jamiroquai. There is no substitution. You can replace any member of either band but keep the singer and they will both go on. Lose the singer, band over. Same with Inxs (if you don't count the lame t.v. show) Grateful Dead etc...the list can go on and on. Look at how many bands have lost musicians and went on and how many lost the singer and went on.

p.s.--I have seen Doug Wimbish play w/ Living Colour many times as well as with Mos Def twice and he has never come close to sitting down during a show. I never said Stu's job was to jump around, but yes his job when people are paying good money is to 'perform' and if he or anybody else thinks differently you need to find a new line of work. If it was just to play bass lines he can stay in the dresssing room w/ a wireless system. When you hit the stage you need not only play but also perform. That's a big part of the job. 95 is when I saw them, when he sat down. So, I am assuming from your post he sat down during your show too! I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess we were not at the same show. The main point I was trying to get across was, I'm sure stuff like this all added up and formed the big reason why he is no longer in the band. That's it. He was as significant as Noel Redding was to the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Which is not small but it is not 'the end of the band' if they leave. Obviously.

Saw the leadsinger lie on his back while warming up .
Never had a problem with that .

Point taken marley...I must admit Wimbish sat down for about 5-8 minutes during a Jungle Funk concert I saw in relatively small venue (maybe her wasn't feeling well or something), but I guess from my point of view I just don't see a bass player, or any other musician, sitting down as that big a deal...but that's just me. Wimbish was still phenomenal and so was Stu.
But its good to know that there are passionate followers of great bass players on these forums dude...I envy you having seen Living Colour many times. Anyway, as much as I'm a big Stu fan, I have to agree with your point that the band did go on without him, albeit, they haven't been the same ever since in my eyes.

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