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Added on Saturday 20 January 2007, 18:21 (GMT)

The Sun newspaper (UK) wrote earlier this week that they will be running a competition to win tickets to February's Gig In The Sky, exclusively for readers of the newspaper.  Stay tuned for more information...

If you are in France, a competition to win tickets in association with Yahoo! can be found at

A number of websites have reported about the gig over the past few days, with some of them talking about the gig in Athens being for 700 people.

If you're aware of any other competitions running to win tickets, why not post a comment with infomation to this news story... 

Credit: Samantha Yemm, Deesha Dyer

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is this french competition open worldwide??

Russ: I don't think so - I did a "translation" of the T&C's and it sounded like you need to live in France.

Ahh.. Well, Good luck to frenchfans in the competition! :D

Damn. Australia's too far away from anything. Oh well, good luck for those entering the competition

I'm afraid the technical aspects of this competition and it's intellectual challenges are far beyond our the average reader's reach. The one and only question and rule to this competition is that you have to be able to write and spell your name correctly, according to your passport.

AAAHHH The Sun, A mirror into the world we live today! Short and s**t!

You left a * out if it's place !!! It should have been s***t. FCOL, DiscoDave - tut,tut !!! Don't you know how to spell smart ??? And I don't mean prim and proper smart.

I mean super-duper grey cell endowed smart. Whatever happened to the Daily Mirror ??? Did The Sun shine on it, and blind the budding medical student readers who are keen students of anatomy ???

press conference : another record

I don't know why but this sony competition is really getting on my nerves....Am I the only one?

Some rumors say that will be a concert in Greece? Have you heard something about it?

Why oh why won't they let us aussies enter. I'd give my right arm to get on that plane. Why are you so cruel?

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