High Times UK chart update - week 11

Added on Sunday 21 January 2007, 18:59 (GMT)

High Times: Singles 1992-2006 this week dropped six places and is currently at number 35 in the Official UK Albums Chart as announced today, Sunday.

For information, the weekly chart run so far is as follows - 1, 2, 6, 10, 10, 10, 14, 21, 26, 29, 35.

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thanks for the information, David :D

They should've released 'Radio' as a single too.


I agree with Dyego Radio is hot!!!!!!

i wanted radio to be released too..

I agree with Dyego, Radio is better than Runaway...

Actually, I wasn't saying which song is better. That requires a completely different analysis. What I wanted to say is that they should've release it as a single too, to keep increasing the sales of the album since it was a success. A very cool video to fit the song would've been a good choice in my opinion.


HOT TEQUILLA BROWN...BLACK DEVIL CAR..both should be singles....should have...and have made the cut. Somethings missing in your life..if those smokin songs arent playing..way to you drive to pick up extra diapers. DYNAMITE ..hasnt been fully mined enough.

Yeah, I dont know.. I like so much dynamite, hot tequila brown and Time wont wait. I really wanted a video of a one more song of Dynamite album.
Jamiroquai have done just 3 videos of that era.

Just like high times in life; What goes up, must come down. Radio is a good song but its definitly B-side material.

Soul-C, why do you think 'Radio' is b-side material?


black devil car? thank god that song didnt make it as a single! that is not jamiroquai.. it's jamirockai :p

David, I was taking about how High Times Singles was moving up the charts and now has droped 6 places isn't because it's a bad album. It's just like high times in life,what goes up, must come down. Dyego,because radio is too good for radio. It's not commercial. B-side is a bad word to me

not a bad word to me

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