Hungarian Jamiroquai party

Added on Friday 19 January 2007, 13:11 (GMT)
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It seems like Jamiroquai release/tribute parties are happening more and more at present, and if you are in Budapest (Hungary), then this weekend sees the start of a number of Jamiroquai "tribute nights" organised by the people behind the Hungarian Jamiroquai website.From Saturday (20 January) at the famous Club Alcatraz, the band which is going to perform their favourite Jamiroquai songs will be Walko Csaba & The Brownfield, and they'll be accompanied on the night by Gal Csaba Boogie for five songs. The intention is to bring a new special guest for each night in the future - one who is heavily inspired by the music Jamiroquai brought us over the past 14 years.  Both singers (Walko Csaba and Gal Csaba Boogie) are known from the biggest singer talent competition in Hungary, where they performed Jamiroquai songs, and both are good friends of the people behind the Hungarian Jamiroquai website.

For more information please visit, and congratulations to the organisers of this event, which is "by fans, for fans". 

Update: 1 Feb 22:43 GMT: There are a number of photos from the party online at

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Great poster!!! hehehehe

Lovely Jubbly! Well done to you all and have a great time!

Cool.. A cosmic night with songs of Jamiroquai.. Great party to the hungaryfans :D

Cosmic Night ! It's a very exciting idea ! Good luck !

Cheers to U all!
It'll be a great success
have lot of fun


hungary...that´s not soo far away from :D ;)

that sounds cool! if there will ever be a party like that in austria? :(

Well done !!! Enjoy


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