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Added on Thursday 18 January 2007, 07:16 (GMT)

After launching a lyrics section at in March 2006, I have just updated this with lyrics from The Return Of The Space Cowboy - Jamiroquai's second studio album.

The lyrics have once again been prepared by site visitor and contributor Sam Kelly, who writes...

"The album I was most looking forward to, partly because it presents the greatest challenge in terms of working out what on earth Jay's singing (the production still hadn't reached a high enough level to compensate for his truly appalling diction on the second album), and partly because lyrically, it's my favourite album. No discussions of Jamiroquai lyrics ever seem to pick up just how deeply autobiographical 'Just Another Story' is, for example."

"The booklet came in handy for deciphering a few of the lines, but on others I had to 'crack the code' myself, due to lack of lyrics in the booklet, most notably in the final verse of 'Stillness In Time'."

Please visit the lyrics section, have a listen to the album and enjoy reading what I believe to be the most accurate transcription there is for this album...

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Great job Sam, thanks! :)

So that's where you've been . . . tucked away, working hard on this . . . thanks Sam !!!


5:44 Am in the morning, listening to stillness in time while reading, great piece of work!

Amazing job Sam, but I think the last part in stillness in time says: "apart of me".. instead of "all of me".. or maybe I'm wrong...

I like it so much! :D Thank you, Sam!

Cheers Sam! Great job! :)

yea thank you for your work!
isnt it illegal to show the lyrics of an song?

if someone wants all lyrics of jamiroquai (live lyrics from givin me a bad name and so on included)

[email protected] me

Tremendous! Thank You SAM!

Yes, I believe that last bit to Stillness starts with "A part of me..."

Great job mate!Cheers!

Maxud: yeah, I believe its not really allowed to show the lyrics of songs online, but then again, its not like they're the same ones as are owned by the music publishers (these are much more accurate!).

Thank you so much Sam !
I've been waiting for such a long time to get them on funkin. Now i'm waiting for the rest.
Well done anyway. Cheers !

The delay for these was all my fault. I've had them in my inbox since June last year! Sorry.

well im glad we got them thank you

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