Jamiroquai cover versions - revisited....

Added on Sunday 14 January 2007, 18:32 (GMT)

OK, last time we posted links to cover versions of Jamiroquai tracks lets just say there was quite a mixture of comments from visitors to the site!  Let's have another go with this one...

French soul acid-jazz band Jacarandaa have recorded a version of Space Cowboy and made it available at their MySpace site (click on "The Space Cowboy" in the list of tracks in the music player).

What do people think of this?  Have you done better (or worse?).  If so, then why not post a link to your creations or cool cover versions that you've found as a comment to this news item...

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Very good ! :)

It's a very nice cover. The lead vocals is very similar to Jays. The music is very low key and seductive like the group Sade.

I believe that certain songs by certain artists should NEVER be covered. It should be a law punishable by imprisonment if broken. Artists that would fall under this law would include Prince, Stevie Wonder & definately Jamiroquai. The originals are always the best!!!!!

...Although this law would not apply to karaoke junkies who can sing anything they want to(LOL)! Peace!

I really like it
its well chillin

No definitely the lead vocal isn't similar to jays... that's my opinion, however is a nice cover...

Mmm..Obviously the song is so much better with Jamiroquai...but, I think the covers are great =)

yeah, Im agree with Caritofunk! XD!

it's not bad, very calm...i like it :)

Excellent Murray :D
The singer is just a little bit to "Zzzzz"

it sounds like a mixture of space cowboy,stillness in time,and corner of the earth.I'd rather here jamiroquai play a slowed down version.Though I did like the music.I'd like to here them stick to originals

Love the jazzy sound it has.

I think it is terrible!

the guitar is AAA and the haze of trumpet melted my heart

They are mere copy cats!! I think "cover" is by other musical genre...

it has that riviera feel to it that is found in some jamiroquai songs and they are from france,so who's coping who.It's a tribute anyway.

A bit too chill for my tastes, but I appreciate them taking a stab at it and for switching the style up.

I think is nice....jazzy,smoothy and a bit different to original version but is ok...

That is awesome!

Love to hear it with Jays vocals, he would be able to ad lib in his own unique way to keep it flowing, otherwise I think its pretty good.

the cover of Jacarandaa is very easy-listening it a bit of bossa nova touch, is not bad in comparing with other ones, they made a good job

Yeahhh!! im agree with you mp28 it has a bit of bossa nova touch!!In fact i would like to see Jay singing bossa nova!! JAY IF YOU SOMEDAY READ THIS YOU COULD TO DO IT HONEY!

the cover of Jacarandaa is very easy-listening it a bit of bossa nova touch, is not bad in comparing with other ones, they made a good job

hasn't he already done a self proclaimed bossa track?

i like it a lot. and i agree with marco antonio about the trumpet obviously the french accent comes over but only at parts and it after all isn't trying to copy the origional exactly the instrumental though is absolutely amazing throughout. if i could put up with not understanding lyrics then i would Jacarandaas music:)

Eh, take a look at this cover and most you may feel this is a better cover....
I like this one better :)

I agree with most of you, I like the chill feeling of the Jacarandaa cover and I would love to hear it with Jay's voice.

@ Kevin: That's a very good cover, I like this guy's voice, it's not similar to Jay's one at all but is nice.

stopped listening to it after a few seconds. the voice is horrible.

They were definately thinking of Jamiroquai when they came up with their name.

agree with isabelle..i love this cover..would be perfect with jay´s voice..:D
i love the guitarsound aaa..:) acoustic space cowboy

sandriche and isabelle, what are you saying...?it wouldn't be a cover then!!
love it, really interesting, another way to go deeper !

right greg...i am just a fan of acoustic versions...and i started dreaming hehehhe

and...they used my favourite solo from 1997... :D

I agree with Jafirabluai.

THe guitar is fantastic. Vocals are weak, but that is just a personal opinion. This guy doesn't touch Jay K, but he does an alright job. I sorta agree that some songs shouldn't be touched but at the same time I absolutly disagree. When covers are done really well it is a beautiful and rare thing. Simply put the instruments are fantastic and the music is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm not so good. Definately a treat to listen too though. I guess i could of tore this cover up, considering space cowboy is one of my favorite all time songs! Can't wait to do a cover of it myself. Maybe an all acoustic piano one.. how bout that!? It could work.

anyway the band rocks...okay there's the cover, but i went on the website , love it. can't understand what is all about, but i really like the sound.groovy

Makes me think that the real Jamiroquai should do an acoustic album, like the MTV unplugged series.

Hi. I'm french. so, sorry for my terrible english. But I'm thinking this version is better than the original one.

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