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The February 2007 issue of Q Magazine (UK) features a two page interview with Jay where he gives his opinion on the bands studio albums.  Here are small extracts from his comments...

The Eco-Warrior Album - Emergency On Planet Earth ...Musically, I wanted to emulate my heroes, such as Roy Ayers, as these were the first people I heard who married up strings, funky guitars and horns.  It's a messy album, but it's bursting with ideas and it's full of detail...

The Drug Album - The Return Of The Space Cowboy ...I went through a serious depression writing this album.  I was high as a kite, but there was more to it than just that.  The press backlash had started, and I'd never experienced anything like it before...What I remember most about this album, apart from the drugs, was the video for that song [Space Cowboy].  It was the start of a beautiful friendship: music and image joined together.

The Blockbuster Album - Travelling Without Moving I was a happier bunny this time around, and that's largely because the previous tour had gone well enough to bring me out of my misery...

The Acrimonious Album - Synkronized We were exhausted by this stage and there was lots of upheaval.  Just as we started recording at my new home studio, Stuart said he was  leaving.  Why?  He wanted to be the frontman.  He went off to do his own thing - I've no idea what that was to this day - and I wrote songs about it...

The Overlooked Album - Dynamite With this album I wanted to break America properly.  People were saying I should get Timbaland to produce it...Instead I used Mike Spencer and all went well.  At least I thought so, but the record company didn't promote it, and it came and went very quickly...

Finally Jay says, "I'm looking forward to being unemployed for a while and to finally being able to spread my creative wings.  And if I can leave behind all the talk of funny hats and race cars, then so much the better." 

For the full story, please read the February 2007 issue of Q Magazine (UK). 

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I'd love to see the whole interview - any chance of it being scanned by someone :) :) :)


What about A Funk Odyssey?

Straight to the point....nice! Thanks David.


thx david

Hmn. I don't think there were any comments about A Funk Odyssey. Anyone got the magazine to confirm....

ohh.. Seems like He dont like the hats and cars anymore.
Now i know why Stu left the band!
Very interesting what Jay Kay said!

I think that maybe Jay Dont like what the people said about his cars and hats, you know, sometimes the people bother you him with that. That's my opinion!

Yea.. i have a feeling that he might be annoyed at the fact that many people keep going on about the hats,cars,ladies etc...and not talking enough about the great music he has done and will do.

Antonella.. There are other reasons in the case of Stu..

the accesible album - a funk odyssey
tried to do a funk album enjoyable by any pop listener in the world......
maybe is something like that what we miss in the interview ;-)

ah.. okay! =) thanks

funk odyssey,...maybe jay wants to 'forget' that record...funny as not the greatest album of the 6, but I bet I've listened to Little L more than any other JMQ tune......and Jay without the hats and cars but that he started to change his persona around the publics eye...maybe that backfired on him a little....~JGrizz

I agree with jamirokaki about a funk odessey. I dont think the reason why stu left is a 100% true i think there was more to it. On wikipedia it suggests there was a row about the band not being rewarded enough fancialy

maybe it was taken out of context by Q magazine about stu. No hats,do you think jay wants to go into acting and this is just his agents idea.

Don't know about you, but this is the kind of interviews I really enjoy. Thanks for it. Anyone that can share that entire article for non-UK people?


The reason he was happy during TWM was that he was wasted on coke... He should have mentioned AFO as the terrible album.

I don't think he regrets AFO as it was the best selling album right after TWM. The album was million miles away from EOPE, but still had some great tunes as COTE or MV. The electronic drums made it cheesy. I listened 'High Times Singles' entirely yesterday and the difference between 'Canned Heat' and 'Little L' is tremendous. I'm not saying 'Little L' is bad, of course not, but when you put it right beside the beautiful armonic funk from the previous song, you listen the difference. But AFO is not that bad album. Definetely better than most crap out there.

And the hats and the cars thing, I think he tried to say that people should focus on the music. The hats are just an adition to the entire 'look' and the image of the band. I think is damn original, but well... some people don't think so.


And 'what the AFO' happened to AFO ???

It'll be fun to follow Jay's career!!!!

lol @ inakiiii

moira, please! AFO is terrible album? only album terrible might be synkro...

interesting interview....want to read the whole thing...

Jay Kay is a man is highly underrated along with the rest of the band....shame his voice has gone a bit cos of the coke....but still a legend to me and many others....looking forward to hearing what he's gonna bring next....I hope its funky and free of the record company influence...if you know what i mean!

A funk odesseys not a terrible album neithers synkronized. They may not be as good as the first 3 but i like synkronized sound, escally in songs like planet home. And a funk odessey is a great album when your sat in the sun in summer and want to chill, the album form me is summer.

If it's got SE on it, it 'AINT terrible!

A funk odyssey terrible??? sry but all the ppl that i know love jamiroquai because of this album !!!!

@ft, AFO is terrible - Justin Timberlakes new album is better than it. Besides... SE is so much better than DTP and TZO.

@Dyego... AFO was the best-selling album after TWM since Synk was a disappointment for the recordbuyers as they was expecting something like TWM. And unfortunate for Jay word spread around quickly.

@a.kay... if people love Jamiroquai for AFO, then Jamiroquai is not worthy that love. Besides, Sir Kay left it out for a reason - it was terrible!

Jamiroquai just hasn't been the same since TWM.

Moira i agree with you that jamiroquai havent been the same since TWM era, the live stuff was incredable from wat ive seen on the net as i was 6 when i was released, but the band put in great live proformances now and are still great, a funk odessey is good album even if it isn't the best

hey he left out the album a funk odessy

I'm so tired of reading that Jamiroquai hasn't been the same since TWM... its just SO boring to hear the same old story!!... I truly suggest that those of you who keep on saying that Jamiroquai's not the same since TWM open a homepage with drama violin tunes on the background and keep on posting your "interesting" messages...
I honestly love AFO... its up to everybody to have their favorites, but no matter how much people say that AFO is terrible I still find it awesome.
I honestly, don't think that Jay left it out thinking its terrible, cuz in the last gigs songs of that album have been included on them... Little L, LF, even those few seconds of MV...

"I'm so tired of reading that Jamiroquai hasn't been the same since TWM... " Then don't read it! ...or wake up and smell the rubbish. Little L and LF succeeded as a result of the success of the videos (especially with Heidi Klum's presence in LF).

About the concerts... if you've been to one, you've been to them all. Mr. Kay use your imagination and the force to improve your concerts!!! It doesn't matter how well you dance if the concert isn't evolving musically.

If it ain't broken - don't fix it. Mr. Kay should have thought about that before he started looking for the new sound.

So Heidi Klum made LF successful???? LOL !!!

If the song was really good, they shouldn't have needed to use models to sell the song.

Personally I love all of Jamiroquai's albums! Moira, maybe if you were in J.K's shoes, you might feel a bit different on the whole changing sound thing. I think a band with as much talent as Jamiroquai releasing the same stuff album after album would be a disapointment to both the fans and the band members.

Jamiroquai's evolving sound is inevitable with a group of such good musicians. If all they knew were guitars and a few power chords then maybe they could live up to your expectations and play the same stuff for their whole career. However Jamiroquai constantly challenge themselves with their music, and that keeps it fresh.

It's fair enough for you to like Jamiroquai's older style, but thousands of fans who enjoy their newer stuff aswell can't all be wrong.

What can i say but the second album made more sense then the rest and its well obvious that jay was bleeding high, smoking cheeba makes things clearer even if you dont recognize the peson in the mirror, dont get me wrong but im a song writer and most my work is donre when im high.

please please pretty please with chocolate topping on top can someone scan this for all us non uk people. I'll even throw in a cherry. And make sure it's still there when i'm back from my holiday.
Can't say i think being high makes you write better. i write fine without that stuff. it's only without it masking up all that stuff that you know how you really feel. i can't say any one album is better than the others. they've all got their own vibe and style and my current favorite depends on what mood i'm in. On the note of the second album has anyone ever compared the 'space cowboy' track with maroon 5's (marry me adam) 'sunday morning'. very freaky.

I like em all but to settle this once and for all we'll have TWM meet AFO after school tomorrow and let em fight it out

This is the entire article .

Good idea , Jay .

wanted to be the frontman?
don't be so stupid Jay... he just wanted to be on the same level as you! Jamiroquai was supposed to be a BAND, not your business...
but great interview...

the thing is the band is so commercial now. The bands become more about jay espcally with stuart and toby leaving apart from seven das in sunny june you do not see any of the other band members in any of the videos from AFO onwards whereas on EOPE album the rest of the band were in WYGL, EOPE,BLM,IF I like it, on the space cowbot the band are in SC, SIT,LY on TWM there in all the vids. Thats why im agreeing with :@ Jamiroquai today is seen as Jay Kay and without there would be no jamiroquai

If you read the whole thing, it's clear that Jay really was quite bitter after Stuart left. I feel that indeed, as Jay signed to Sony himself, technically, Jamiroquai is his band so what he says goes as far as that is concerned, but what I miss about the older albums is that you got a far greater sense of contribution from everyone. Jay, Toby, Stuart, Derrick, Sola, Wallis! The sound was fuller because you could tell it was a BAND writing the music not just 2 or three people, and I reckon that's why people say stuff has been different since TWM, back then there was clearly broader input into the dynamic and that made all the difference. Personally, I'm a big fan of ROTSC as it's got the strongest deep funk influence to any album they've done by far, Still I'm also willing to accept, that times and hence the music, must change, and whatever the guys want to write (musically at least) is their decision to make and shouldn't be dictated by the fans, otherwise you're just going to be stifling their creativity. I hope that they can really move forward from here, and that the rumours of a jazz album are true...

I agree with the post up here.

Me too.

do you think he change the name to jaymiroquai?

I don't think that Jay left out Funk Odyssey-I'm sure the magazine just didn't include it!

I am fond of AFO. It gave us You Give me something, Love Foolosophy & Corner of the Earth....

crossing the river-the revival album

im sure that will the name of the next album
and then they will come to argentina
a album about a world insane and how we can stop all this s..t now, i mean wars, people executed, pollution,...all this s--t

Agree with Brenda. I don't really think that Jay left out AFO... Cuz, honestly, if there was an album that is considered the "failure" (at least in the US) of Jamiroquai after Stu left the band was Synkronized...Then why Synk and not AFO??? Surely the magazine just didn't include it.


There must be a reason AFO was left out, there's a reason for everything. The fall of Jamiroquai from the peak at TWM to SYNK to the collapse of AFO, is in my eyes a journey to be ashamed of. Dynamite was a small step in the right direction, but still a small step.

The fall of Jamiroquai is also equally to the growth of JK's ego.

"there's a reason for everything"
Well Moira, if we consider the fact that people who work in magazines are usually not involved in the complete journey of an artist, then surely the magazine left it out...and that can be a reason!

By the way, you say "is in my eyes a journey to be ashamed of"... you might be right: if we consider that your eyes are only yours...

But hundreds of fans who like AFO are also correct when we agree that AFO is a good album. Not the best, but its very good and nothing to be ashamed of...

@Lups, the fact that my post provoked you, might have something to do with the fact that there's a truth to it.

I'd rather go for Jay Miro Kay, that way he can change both the name of the band and his own.

@ Moira, yes you might be right... Or... it might be the other way around! The fact that people here have posted that AFO is a good album might have something to do with the fact that there's a truth to it! ;-)

Can someone please post this article for those of us in the USA???? Thanks! as far as comments.....
I love Jamiroquai and think all of their albums are great! Of my favorite are the first and second- when they were young and funky! The albums after sound more watered down, but are superior to most modern bands' as far as funk goes- and especially better than pretty much any pop music in the US with the exception of independent bands. I saw them in San Francisco at the Fillmore when they were last here, and the shows not only ruled, but were small and intimate. I'm not sure where I'm going with this post except that I can't wait for their next album as I'm sure it will be great, and underrated, just like all the others!

I love AFO as much as I love the rest of them. I can't say which one is the best. What I listen to depends on my mood or what I havent heard for a while.

AFO certainly isn't something to be ashamed of!

How good have your albums been lately Moira?

Yeah..."ashamed" of AFO is a litle harsh! If I could create something even close to that I'd be pretty happy...and for the record, I think AFO is a superior album than Dynamite (although both fall short of the previous 4).

So it sounds like AFO didn't live up to some of the fans expectations. Take a look at AFO here:

and it clearly explains how the test pressing would have been (ie the album before Sony could mess with it).

This proves that it's not Jamiroquai doing everything that we don't like, It was Sony. However now that they've gone...

I thought that my comment was directly related to this news item, Jaymirokay is what the band has become.maybe i'm blind and just dont see it or my computer is broken.moira commented on it so I know it was there.I still love jamiroquai!

I think ''feels just like it should '' is partly
about Jay's evil stepfather ,who should have been
in jail for a very, very long time but wasn't ,
because society tolerates such people .
And that's a shame .What makes people take drugs ?
Poor Jay .

Nice one Damo...really interesting

Wow Damo... Its the first time I read this and... Gosh would be so good to hear the songs just as they were really meant to be! Does any one here know how can someone listen to it? Where can it be found?
By the way, in this test pressing I don't see LF...

I know David put the 2nd interlude (I think) on the downloads page some time ago. It was Jay mucking around with a vocoder (don't know if that's the proper name) and this is where the vocal bass from Feels Just Like It Should comes from.

what does he mean by "break America properly?"(Dynamite).

Maybe JK need to renew his style so he could get closer to the old-school Jamiroquai.

If ''don't give hate a chance ''is about America's
political situation as well ,there is indeed
an evil spell that has to be broken .
If ''feel's just like it should ''is about
spellbreaking ,too we can only hope it'll work .
The video is so good ,the making of even better .

I'm noticing that alot of the positive comments regarding how the bands direction is going are not posted anymore...what's up with the editing David?

Dear David ,
I'm missing Tariques comment .It was so honest , passionated and full of fantasy .And incredibly sad .
There was only one thing missing :music .
Why are your rules so inredibly strict ?

I've re-added Tarique's comment, but have removed much of it as it was some lyrics/poetry that I don't think was directly related to the news item. The comment facility is for people to discuss the news item - and the post that was removed I don't believe added much to the discussion. Also, if Tarique is happy to admit that most of his work is done when he's high on drugs, then I guess that's up to him. I don't think it really gives a great impression, but then that's just my opinion.

Dear David ,
diplomatic ,thank you .

David, If that's one of your reasons for keep comments and discussions to the "news item"... then you have my support. Thanks for the quick response.

Being from the USA, there a limited exposure to the band...It's a treat to have this news item on reveal some of the inside scoop of Jamiroquai. I can only think about the pressures thru the years from the record companies on the band and the "real frontman"..Jason. This article is great in that it shows that thru all the upheaval that Jamiroquai can pull off some great music.

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