High Times UK chart update - week 10

Added on Sunday 14 January 2007, 18:32 (GMT)

High Times: Singles 1992-2006 this week dropped three places and is currently at number 29 in the Official UK Albums Chart as announced today, Sunday.

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They're still in the top thirty :) That's pretty damn impressive. Good on them

Yeah! :D

Well done boys :) :) :) HT has dropped out of the Aussie Top 50 :(


they have never bin in the top 40 in the netherlands what surprises me because its still one of the best in its kind

HT just entered this week the official chart of Finland as a new entry (#21) even though it has been released 8th of Nov with good publicity. Funny. It was not a "christmas hit" here obviously.

Jamiroquai are the best band in the world, their music makes u feel good and gets u in the party mood!! There are too many rocky type bands Jamiroquai are unique! HT is a fantastic compilation, my only moan is that the album art doesnt grab at u from the shelves like A funk odyssey. Still my favourite band - Hence the 6 ft poster on my wall. Lookin forward to the 8th album! Nice one Jay Kay

Rock on Jay Kay!! love ya! this message is in honour of my brother from another mother - Frodo

OMG that is like so true. I saw Jay Kay on tour last year and he was incredible. No one really appreciates this type of music anymore. It's soooo gorgeous!

I jus dont get music at the minute, i mean all this naff pop and too much rock of the same sort just makes you think to yourself am I really bovvered? im not, im not bovvered, look at my face I AINT BOVVERED!! Are you disprespecting my family tho? I lurve jay kay

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