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Added on Sunday 07 January 2007, 07:51 (GMT)

The limited edition "JK for HUGO" clothing and accessories range has been available for a while now and although for most of us the items are expensive, it is worth mentioning that there look to be some bargains to be had on sites such as eBay.

For more information about the JK for HUGO range please check the photos that were posted to in August 2006, and it is also probably worth checking the threads at where some of the range and auctions have been discussed.  There's also a short interview with Jay where he talks about the range over at the Times newspaper (UK) website.

(Please note that this site has no connection with any auctions for this range on eBay.) 

Credit: Eliott, Samantha Yemm

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i have to say that clothing is a bit expensive. though i am a girl i would like some for myself... where in ebay can we find them??? any jackets???

I bought the JK zip-up wool jacket S in black right before the holidays and I must say it is my favorite sweater :)

it is just the zip tops at the moment and i have to say they are really good quality.There is a German seller on Ebay who is auctioning them every so often although the green one is a bit iffy!

Jay, made your own dessings-clothes. Use bufaloman, is very nice. I made it myself in my jamirowear lola collection!!!

hey here in germany the hugo-jk-clothes are 40% off now! you can get anything here in the boss-store!

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