Happy New Year from Derrick

Added on Sunday 07 January 2007, 07:54 (GMT)

Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie has posted a new years message on his MySpace blog.  Part of it reads as follows...

"I would love to show my appreciation to all of you that have supported the band for whole of last year and for ever, and for putting up at number one again and for keeping in the top ten all around the world I just don't know what I would do with out you guys!!!!!!! I really mean that from straight from the heart honestly."

Derrick's MySpace site can be found at

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Well we could atleast vote a little more so we don't get just to the end of a chart... c'mon you ozzies! help me out a bit!!!

What a great guy Derrick is!!!!! Glad he had a great festive season and even better that he's back online - YAY!!!!


Amara - I'm an Aussie and I helped out - I bought the single & both albums (single & duel disk), there just wasn't enough promotion really, but at least Derrick and the boys know that they've got fans here :) :) :)


awww derrick!!!:)
i would love to know what they are doing behind shut doors *supercurious*

Appreciation likewise is reciprocated for all of Derrick's and the whole band's hard work.

Derrick, We don't know what we would do without your music...

He's so sweet!
I want to send him a massage if he can answer me, but i don't know how to sign up this website ( i worry that in theit was a lot of virus.....
So if someone can halp me it will be so nice!
(sorry to my bad English ^^)


can derrick tell us if he s recording is solo album !!!!!

Cheers Derrick, lovely words as always. Happy 2007! xx

Thanks so much Derrick. I hope see you and the band this year 2007 in a gig in Spain.

Go Derrick!
Always so kind and sweet
A great 2007 @ U and family ;)



You are the best and the drummer of the century !! Once again happy new year to you and your family. Lizzy x x

thanks MR DERRICK MC KENZIE for all the good viiiiibes you are the best drum player for me , i wich you a happy and funky new year to you too
peace and love

danke sr. derrick

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