Live From Abbey Road broadcast details

Added on Friday 05 January 2007, 22:29 (GMT)
Live From Abbey Road

Jamiroquai's set that they recorded for new UK television show Live From Abbey Road will be broadcast on the following channels and dates - More 4 on Friday 19 January at 23:00, and on Channel 4 on Monday 22 January at 23:30.

The set was recorded on 27 October 2006, two days after the Jazz Cafe concert and the band performed the following tracks for the show - Canned Heat, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving and Runaway. Photos and more information from the recording can be found at the Live From Abbey Road website.  A little more information about the show was printed in Music Week at the end of last year...

Mixes can run over 80 tracks and... "we're able to take as long as they take.  The audio always takes priority.  The cameras are there to capture that performance." 

The company behind the show, which is recorded in high-definition, has signed a deal for global distribution so we can hope to see the show on channels elsewhere in the world over the coming months.

UPDATE: 06 Jan 13:00 GMT: TV listings guides list other bands performing on the show for these dates, so please check listings guides nearer the time.

Credit: Maxime Varet

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Great! Thanks for info....I hope to maybe see it here in the states then! (Hope,Wish,Pray)......

cool. I'll be looking out.

Nice! I could see this ending up on Bravo or VH1 or something.

I hope we'll be able to see it even out of Uk ;)
there are also interviews? someone knows?

No horns!

the black &white pics look great..:)
i am curious in which countries they will show something..i bet austria won´t broadcast anything again thanks in advance to all lovely people who will record convert

Thanx for the info!!!! I hope to see it in the US!!!!
On Abbey Roads website they need to add High Times to Jamiroquai's Discography.

I don't have these channels in my T.V.....
I'm from Israel so I don't have these channels...


don´t worry keren ...;)

thanks for the info david..

it seams like VH1 would show it because there always playing jamiroquai in the background on all there shows

amazing new colours!!

Can't wait sounds like its gonna be great and i hope they broadcast ALL the tracks!

Ah, yeah, like it will be on Saudi TV - LOL !!! They are gonna zap (censor/block) funkin for me soon - I'm worried.

Very nice pics :)

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