Jay writing a Jazz album...

Added on Tuesday 02 January 2007, 09:45 (GMT)

The following story is printed in Tuesday's Mirror newspaper (UK), albeit in their showbiz gossip column...

Jay Kay's New Year's resolution must be to put some distance between him and the paparazzi.

The Jamiroquai front man, 36, is heading to the Scottish Highlands for a few months to finish a jazz album.

And he's modelling his new sound on his mum's, singer Karen Kay.

He says: "No doubt people will say 'What have you done - it sounds crazy' but I'll say 'But I like it'." Judge for yourself when Jamiroquai tour in late 2007.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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jazz album?
that sounds really good!


Jazzy.. sounds interesting.

That would be amazing - Jay's mum Karen has a fantastic voice, so she's given her great Jazz genes to Jay - he'll sound the best!!!!!


I love jazz and... jamirojazz maybe amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take your inspitaion Jay.

Karen & Jay !!! puede ser fantástico.

If this is true it's very good news. Can't wait to hear this stuff. I bet it'll be wicked! :)

this year starts with fantastic news!!!

Whatever Jay sings, it's always amazing. May it be funk, jazz, reagga (ain't "Drifting along" a great track ?) or something more rock'n'roll, he's always perfect.

Every cover he did was great. He has the talent to turn any kind of music style in his own, in a unique, specific way. I'm thinking of "Miss You", "Sunny", "I'm in the mood for love" etc : they are masterpieces, but Jay's cover are almost better than the originals !

What's more Jay is getting older: this is coherent with this choice to do something softer and to go back to his roots (with mum)!

"Talulah" is a great soft & jazzy track: no doubt an album in this style would be simply great !

Do what you wanna do Jay, even if people tell you that you're crazy: it's the mark of genius... ;)

[I hope my english is not too bad ? Oh and by the way, "Bonne annee !", Happy New Year in french ! ;)]

i think this is amazing! i am sooooo looking forward to this.. jazziroquai :p

I have a hunch this may be something close to big band...we'll have to see how it goes...

Get in my son!! woo hoo

That's what we like to hear! :o)

excellent news, a jazz album would go down really well with all ages and touring late 2007 sounds good - time off - yeah whatever! lol

That would be amazing!!!!!
I can't wait ti this, i sooooo love jay and i just cccaannnnnnn't waaaiiiiitttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is so happy day for me ^^

sorry for my bad english ^^
Happy new year everyone!
Love you all!!!!!

As long as it aint just a wild rumor then this is great news. I'm already looking forward to what we may hear later this year now

Excellent news! =) I want to hear the new stuff and is Jazz.. I love it!
Its not sounds crazy, its sounds fantastic! ^^
Jay will do a great job!


...the word "jazz" could mean anything and nothing...let's hear the result, and after that we'll say ok or not...

the result will be excellent.. im sure.. like runaway! I love it.
But this album is going to be jazz.! and im happy! =)

Fantastic, as soon as I set foot on London soil, Jay runs to Scotland (joke). Sorry David, offtopic, but Happy New Year to you all from lovely London! I cant log into Jtalk as I have forgotten my password *blush*. xxx

Whatever he's plannin I'm sure it'll be so good that I'll have to listen it and LOVE it!!!
Peace out

@Jamiroquanna: you can order a new password - go to log in, say "I have forgotten my password" and follow the instuctions! And/or contact me! Should be fixed in a few seconds! ;) ...(sorry for the offtopic!)

Great news, by the way! Cannot wait to hear that jazzy stuff! :D ...Meike

sounds great!!!

Sounds like a terrible idea, the thought of Jay going into the world of jazz is sick. He's better at doing it the acid way. Oooh, I'll bet he'll get a new style and buy some new jazzy cars. Rubbish Jay, rubbish!

This news makes me feel so cool

@ Moira..i don´t think we have to be afraid that the "jazz" jay is going to do will not satisfy us...i am sure it will blow our mind as usual...:D

Jazz... This just proves that the band's work can get far more diverse than anyone thought... I myself can't wait for the album!

Great news. Can't wait.

JK simply cannot be stopped: this is what he truly loves to do! Music is his life, and "Jazz" is just another way of showing us that "...If I like it, I just do it..." Keep it up Jay, make YOUR STYLE of music. Surprise the fans on how "JK does jazz!"

acid jazz is'nt that far off from jazz. i'm sure that whatever he does will be great with plenty of the flavor that we come to expect.This is'nt the 1st time he's changed the style keeping it fresh.I'm sure that whatever he does will be either groundbreaking or an improvment on an already great art form. Jazzy Jay will not let us down. He's not gonna put limits on hisself which i admire.besides jazz is awesome and nobody good is doing it right now>jazz was dead but not anymore

Ohhh i think it would be great!! he is just a kind of man that achieve that he´s propose so im sure it would be fantastic come back to his roots with my mom in law!....i love him!

Jazz is just another nail in the coffin for Jay, it'll remove him from the original sound. Although Azid Jazz isn't far away from jazz, it just isn't the same. Jazz isn't dead but the Jamiroquai as we know it will die with this new era of jazz.

do you all think he will make the album under the Jamiroquai name or under his own as a solo artist?

cant wait for the tour i will be there woot. and looking forward to the new album i think it will be a lot like EOPE or at least i hope it is. i seem to remember jay never being to fond of the labeling of his music as acid jazz and whenever in interviews he uses the term he makes the speech mark gesture.

this leans me towards believing he could mean a new acid jazz album

Sounds good to me ! Jazz is very popular these days.
Happy New Year everyone !

Great news! However I'm waiting for Jamiroquai to tell us what they're doing.I believe this new jazz direction will be alot like the acid jazz they started with, didn't Jay say they were going back to the begining. I think the synthesisers, Jamiroquai basslines and the cool percussion will stay since this is what Jamiroquai are so good at. I think Jay will do more scat singing too = songs like Blow your Mind! But like I said wait for some more credible info on this one. Still it's great news!!

I don't think this is a jamiroquai project - just jay doing his own thing - i think late 2008 is when we can expect a new 'Jamiroquai' album.
When it says find out for yourself, i think he will add it to the tour he was planning with brass and strings present.

yeah Russ.. this is an album of jay.. is not jamiroquai.. but.. Im sure that we'll have an album of jamiroquai en 2008!

There's not better way to star this year... (i'm sorry for my english)... Good news

Good news x a great year!
I don't understand a lot about Jazz...but I'm opened to learn and to me just the idea that something is cooking in the pot and that hey will came out with " music they wanna do free of sony" is great...I could even stand death metal x this probably :)))


I always assumed that jamiroquai fans have a leaning towards jazz in all its forms, especially latin jazz and jazz-funk, and so this can only be great news.I just hope that he's not gonna be crooning over sleepy jazz standards like Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow have already done(to death).Save that for when you're 64, Jay.

Jazz? I love the word... and i'd like to see Jay doing Jazz... of course... he stopped doing it ten years ago!

derrick is certainly not a jazZ drummer !!!!!!!!!

Keep on Jazzin!!!!

fore sure that jamiroquai will give us, like he always do, a very nice music
hope it is true, not just a rumor

i hope its something like the first two albums..

How about 'Sir' JK (BTW - It's rumoured on the cards for next year's honours list), doing something along the lines of a duet like 'Saying Something Stupid' (made famous by Nancy & Frank Sinatra) with his mother ???

Wow!!!! 2007 is going to be a kick ass year with all the news about Jazz, flugelhorn solos and 3 minute intros!!!! :D

Interesting news... if this does turn out to be a JK "solo" project and not a Jamioquai one, I hope that there will be some collaborations with former band members...

the kays in concert.

wow! that's got me really excited......!

I can't wait!!!!!
The new album of jay will be in the end of 2007 or in the begining?

Sorry about my bad english ^^ hope is...not a Michael Bublè's careful with the word "jazz"...sometimes many artists use it to "clean up" their artistic career...(also Michale Bolton has recorded jazz standards, with orrible results...)

Just flicking through the new edition of Q mag and theres a nice little feature on Jamiroquai/Jay kay. It briefly looks back on his career via each album, with a few comments from Jay Kay himself.

YES YES YES YES!!! That's what I wanna hear!!!! Can't wait ^_^

Great news and i'm not worried at all that this will disappoint fans, jazz is amazing and it is in the bands roots. Can't believe Jay's started working on music so soon lol! But its all good!:-D

Jamiroquai never played jazz in the past. Acid jazz ain't jazz, folks. It's a soul/funk genre. (-ish.)
But we'll see what Jay is up to in '07. Might be fun.

I want Jay to make songs like: Twenty zero one , everybody is going to the moon,planet home,supersonic ... :( :(

..going back to his roots..

Miles Davis created acid jazz by fuzing jazz with rock drums and bass.I'd like to see Jay do a cover of Van morrison's worked for that soul man

Miles Davis created jazzrock or fusion. Acid jazz is a DJ term from the 80's.

jay solo album so great!!!!!!!

The album? Only Jay? Or with the name Jamiroquai? The band plays? Im very confused. But, still, good news.


Rob HArris if u ever read this comment tell us if ur playing in this Jazz album and if the band is involve in this album !

Hey Jay
Have you heard the sound today?
Money is on the menu of the music industry,
And don't talk about quantity,
Cause there’s no soul in humanity,
Self made men been killing all the life there ever was,
And now Jay, you'd better play your own life way,
Or they will take it all away,
And don't tell me you’re not able to know what’s right or wrong
Now you've the chance to hide away
Done the only thing you know, Music
Now my life is in your hands,
And I’m waiting for you…

Jeje Great funkadelic!!

As someone said, 'jazz' could mean everything or nothing, so let'se see

Of course, there is various influences in music genres as contemporary jazz , chamber jazz, soul, blues, samba, rock, pop, classic, acid jazz, boss nova ..; acoustics, harmonic, melodic, smooth, fresh original, actual new age and more...

Latin Brazilian jazz is excellent, unique swing with afro Cuban, horns, flutes, strings, etc..
Brazilian percussion drums rhythms varieties are really pleasant as well with amazing sounds.
A fusion of different kinds of "jazz" styles in the songs can be very well appreciate as a ,solo album, nice and wonderful even if there is no more details actually concerning musicians participations.

Certainly a very good work to realise, not easy, it doesn't matter how long it will take, remember a well deserved rest, quiet inner peace in respect is also recommended "relax with Jazz" enjoy positive energies to keep up.

Surely the album is going to be beautiful, original, unusually difficult to describe, incredible possibilities, clever best quality of music and lyrics, healthy for our mind emotional balance.
Let's hope that everyone's taste will like it as well.

Much love and peace

so happy to see jay do a solo album with differebt vibe and participation of musicians

jazz. hazzuh! i love jazz. can't wait to hear it. i hate it when artists get stuck in one sound and then they feel they can't do something a little different. i'll buy it. (when i get a new job. stupid awa's). it won't be michael buble i'm sure. their voices are so different from eachother. but if jay could stop singing with an american accent that would be cool. i mean what's with that? i sound more english when i sing and i'm not even english.


lets hope this is for real. one thing jazz is is improvisational and lord knows i love jquai, jazz, and improv/jamming. could be a very nice combo :)

Jason has collaborated with a great set of musicians and singers and ... gots to understand...he has massive talent!!... as does the masters he does music with. Bring it on Jay....and throw some "mama kay" on it!!

I just can't wait to hear Jamiroquai's new sound coz they are sure to come out with something wonderful as always & its good to hear that they are moving to "pure" jazz from their "acid" jazz origins. Jazz being one of the more "improvisational" styles will add to those great live performances which only Jamiroquai can. Jazz On JK!!!

When asked what music I like, the answer is always Jamiroquai and jazz and now the two are one!! And I am old enough to remember JK's mum's show on telly!!!
Looking forward to the next album - Thank you so much Jamiroquai!!I love you all!

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