Jamiroquai at the London Mean Fidder - audio download

Added on Sunday 31 December 2006, 17:59 (GMT)

On 26 December Capital Radio (London) broadcast the set from Jamiroquai's 16 November concert at the Mean Fiddler in London.

Audio from this recording is currently available from the downloads page of the site.  Apologies that it is not currently a direct download link - the bandwidth would be too much.

I hope all visitors to the site had a good Christmas and will have an even better new year - see you in 2007. 

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thankyou , thankyou ,thankyou david!
I forgot to record this until until it was too late.
It's so good to have a good quality sound to this gig and it will be blaring all new year!

Have a wicked new year David and family, and to all the funksters on this site!
Much love,
p.s. All the best to Jamiroquai!

Thanks very much!

Thanks David for recording and putting this up. Have a great New Year!

Thanks David! I hope pass a great new year!

Happy New year to all!

happy new year to everybody!!!
I'm totally sure this one will be better!!!


Canned Heat intro for 2007.....all these bad times I'm going through.... :D

All the best David and Sharon Rowe, love you both to pieces...:)


Thanx David for the download. And Happy New Year to everyone, David and Sharon, the band, Jamily and all the fans around the world. I had Time Won't Wait as my intro into the New Year lol but i'm tempted into playing a live version of Canned Heat now, thanx MsP!

All the best this new year!

Dear David and family, hope you have a had a fantasic Christmas and Happy New Year!! Thanks for everything!

Thanks David!! Happy New Year 2007 from me and my you and Sharon! :) xxx Meike

Thank you very much for the download!
And Happy New Year to you all!

dont upload it on megaupload if you want to share the link with many people

-> after 100 downloads the link will be deleted!

Thanks very much David!
jamiroquai, jay we miss you!
You think that they will do more music in the future?
please tell me I right!

sorry about my bad english...
Anyway, my name is keren and i'm from Israel!
Happy year 2007! lol ^^

hi there, just discovered you site and can i just say, yowza, yowza, yowza, awesome site man, keep up the good work dude

Why Megaupload??? That site makes you install a fu**ing toolbar. No no no...anyway...

thanks a lot!!!

have a fantastic funky 2007

Thanks for the download guys!

thank you david.


Thank you so much for the DL, and wishing funkin and all of Jamily a wonderful 2007.

LOL @ Ivan . . . I can't access megaupload directly, but if you right click on the link and 'save as' it will DL without all that fiddling about.

Hi Zed, MsP, 'Kenneth' (not my Dad posting here now - LOL ???), Welcome Keren !!!

Great... but where was Travelling Withiut Moving??
I was mostly looking forward to hearing that track but it didn't feature. Paul Turner was 1st class on that song. I Need it!

Thanks for this amazing download, I guess this is the best version the jamily could have of this gig.

I wish you a Happy New Year to you and your family David.

thanks for posting the d-load
ic ant get it to work its says i have retched my limit!!
i have never been on this site before

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