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Added on Wednesday 03 January 2007, 22:38 (GMT)

Here is an update on ex-Jamiroquai keyboard player Toby Smith....We've written news in the past about him working with a band called The Hoosiers (originally called The Hoosier Complex) - well, they are just about finished with their debut album and have been tipped to be big in 2007 by a number of UK publications including Music Week, Napster, The Sun and The Star.  He also has a number of other projects that he's working with including a singer songwriter called Nick Morrison and a punk band called New Graffiti who Toby describes as "raw but amazing".

Toby is doing all of this work through his company Angelic Union, who have just launched their new website.  Angelic Union is a company that produces and develops new musical artists before they are signed by major record labels.

Finally, Toby is still in contact with Jay and the rest of the band and he and his family are well.

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good to know news from toby.
angelic union company seems a very good thing.
maybe toby can now write some songs together with jay and play in some tracks for the forthcoming stuff (jazz? :-D)

Mr. Toby Smith! Glad he`s doing fine

all the best toby!

Very good news, Toby is very talented and I'm glad he's still working and doing ok. Good for you Mr Smith!!

Always wonderful to hear about former members, who aren't really former, because they feature in our lives daily.

Best wishes to Mr. Toby Smith and his family, and likewise to all other former Jamiroquai members.

And wishes for success to all current members of Jamiroquai who have other irons in the fire.

Im happy that he is working in others bands and singer!

I hope he still in contact with jay and the band!

Nice to meet you Toby!!! hapy 2007 for you and your family and... I hope see you in a jamiroquai colaboartion.


I always wonder if there are any chances for his come back - not only to Jamiroquai, but to funk world...

Toby "Goldfinger" Smith !

my heart smiles *blush*..haha

thanks david for the update!

Hi, I've a jamiroquai coverband..... all track I play I estract toby's tricks and style....great and really acidjazz....I live in Italy...baci

thanks for the news!!!
Toby please if you make a myspace page
let us know!!!
i am waiting for music and news/info from you everyday!!!! i try to find all the information about you and what you're doing but unfortunately theres almost no interviews and articles - only several old ones.. i searched on myspace and found you worked with band mama's gun, i bought jamie scott records where you play. you are my favourite musician!!!!!

I'm glad x him! but wasn't he leaving the band to spend more time with his family?????

yes, and now he still works on music and DON'T TOUR ALL THE WORLD FOR ALMOST A YEAR...

Thats true...lets get him!!!

Jamiroquai had 2 keyboardists while ago... what about a Toby Smith / Matt Johnson reunion?

One of the co-funders of Jamiroquai, nice to read everything's fine between him and Jay.

D! (dyego)

Glad to see Toby's doing well. He was and still an amazing keyboardist and used the fender rhodes to perfection

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