High Times goes Platinum

Added on Thursday 30 November 2006, 12:28 (GMT)

High Times: Singles 1992-2006 was last week awarded "Platinum" certification by the BPI (British record industry's trade association), based on sales of 300,000 copies in the UK.  This award was announced in the current issue of Music Week magazine (UK).

Although in its first three weeks just over 197,000 copies had been sold in the UK, the awards are based on sales by the record company (Sony BMG/Columbia) to retail shops, and not "over the counter" sales.

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Yeahhhhh!!!!!!!! great great great jamiroquai!!!! :)

That is great Congratulations jamiroquai!!!!

YAY - well done boys - I'm so proud of you guys - you deserve it :) :) :)


great achievement once again!
there's a few more people out there with taste after all, or maybe they were waiting 15 years for the greatest hits

Congrats for this great result!


Maxud: Search at -> statistics -> certified awards.

Maxud- all of them have achieved platinum status. They weren't the 3rd biggest British act of the 90s for nothing, you know.

Good stuff

Great! ^^
Im happy for the band!, Is excellent!

Jamiroquai is the best band...but the best.

i know that every album was platin!!!
but i didnt known how often twm goes platin
till now thanks
and i never thought high times singles wont be platin
but thanks everyone for the reply!
heres the link: index.asp?Page=stats/ content_file_118.shtml

(Cues Blur's 'Song II') WOO-HOO!

A nice pre-christmas present. Well done to all the band!

I'm so glad this has sold so well. Well done. Now to go double/triple platinum! :-)

congratulations on the accomplishment.

Congratulations to Jamiroquai.

Now, is it just me, or... I CAN'T WAIT to hear new stuff!!!! :D


Well done lads!

That´s the way it has to be. Congratulations!!!!

Brilliant!.. Great to see the album is so popular..

good job! Here in Italy they have to "fight" with artists (...) such Zucchero and Gigi D'Alessio...oh my God!

I'm very proud of this achievement and of all the people who 'are' Jamiroquai.

Congratulations to all of us !!!

yay :D jamiroquai!:o)

I knew theyd do it! yay forever jamiroquai! I sjay really going out with a girl? omg! I'm happy for him but it is a nice thought thinkin he's single n lovin it :) (if yas know wot i mean) oh well i still love him!

well done!

funny cause here in france to be platinium u need to sale 600000 copy cheers j k

so good to know!!
this guys make me always so proud of them!!

Sony eat this...they're flying free on multiplatimun wings now!!

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