Mean Fiddler concert - full length video online

Added on Tuesday 28 November 2006, 13:13 (GMT)

Following the audio of Runaway from the recent Mean Fiddler London concert that was broadcast on UK radio on Monday night, the entire concert is now available to watch in full at the Capital Radio website.

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Wish I could hear it, just watching it at work at the moment...

It looks energetic, hope it's sounding good too!!

great to see it again and about time, lol!
nice one sam, for getting on telly!
im in the yellow top next to the italians.
some good camera dodgin there david although they got you once or twice!

i dont think ill ever get tired of hearing iiliidi. so great. you can tell the band is itching to jam out a bit - looking forward to what the future holds for these guys!

Russ: haha, yeah - I'm far too tall! I'm just watching the video now - its funny. Sorry for everyone I blocked during the first few songs.

Dom: too bad you can't hear it - I have my headphones on at work, though I have to do all I can to not dance in my chair - WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW!

JamInLA: Listened to it when I got back from the football last night. All in all, a very enjoyable show!

One day I'll actually see them live! :-/

I live in the US. I can not watch the video. Can someone help me?

Valarie: Move to England! ;-)

(Not a very helpful comment, I know!)

Why can you not watch it? Can you register as a capital VIP? Tell us more and we may be able to help. (or go to jamirotalk and find the link to download the full video in one easy step ;)

Yesterday I registered as a VIP. It did not play for me. Now it is working. They sound great!!!!!
Thanx David!!!!!

Valarie: Thanks for letting us know. :)

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