Latin American tour publicity

Added on Sunday 12 March 2006, 03:08 (UTC)
Reforma newspaper (Mexico)

With Jamiroquai only weeks away from heading to Latin America for the first tour in nearly seven years, the publicity machine has begun.  Here are some updates that I have been told about....

  • Terra, a large service provider in Brazil has a Jamiroquai special in the music section of their website.
  • Mexico city newspaper "Reforma" published an article recently about Jay and his helicopter flying hobby.  He also talked about the Mexican fans and his memories of the 1999 concerts.  He also said that the band will have a new show (setlist) and that he will wear a traditional Mexican poncho!
  • The Colombian concert (the venue holds approximately 15,000 people) sold out in about two weeks!
If you have seen any other publicity in the newspapers or online about Jamiroquai's tour then please post any links as a comment to this news item.
Credit: Andrei Andrade, Ivan Uh, Laura Wills

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