Billboard 2005 Year End Charts

Added on Wednesday 11 January 2006, 22:13 (GMT) have on their website all of their 2005 Year End Charts.  Considering Dynamite was only released in the US in late September, the album performed fairly well...

  • Hot Dance Club Play Singles - Feels Just Like It Should #45/50
  • Hot Dance Club Play Artist - Jamiroquai #23/25
  • Top Electronic Albums - Dynamite #24/25
  • Top Soundtracks - Napoleon Dynamite #25/25
Finally, in the "European Top 100 Albums Chart", Dynamite was at number 53. All the charts can be found in full at the Billboard website.
Credit: Deesha Dyer

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this charts can be better i think...jamiroquai have a lot of great music to spread

Note that the counts are done up until the last of November (Not December) and the ND soundtrack came out in 10/2004, so it managed to stay in the top 25 although it wasn't even new. Unfortunately, these aren't the MAIN charts people pay attention to. But, there is a lot of music out there, so I'm proud they were recognized at all. Not like we need them to be..but still - I'll take it :)

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