No 2006 Brit Awards nomination for Jamiroquai

Added on Tuesday 10 January 2006, 19:49 (GMT)

Following recent speculation after a "Brits 2006" album was announced that included Jamiroquai, it was today (Tuesday) revealed that the band have not been nominated in any categories as part of the 2006 Brit Awards, which are being held in London on 15 February.

According to my calculations Jamiroquai have been nominated over the years for 15 Brit Awards and have never won. 

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that's messed up. atleast the grammys recognized them in something. isn't there more categories than this? that list seems short. i guess i am comparing it to our (american) awards. the industry isn't about talent, it's about who you know. oh well, they don't need a brit...or whatever!

thats just stupid,anyone whos seen jami' live knows there better then any of the live artists listed in that catorgary,and what amazing is that there not up for a international artist award,with ther places they toured in 2005 (japan,australia,america) and some of the places their going to (possibly) be touring in 2006 (chile,mexico,brazil) and also,i think jamiroquais got one of the biggest worldwide followings in music,a big south american and japanese following so i cant and the only group i can see as being international in that group are u2.

bit dissaponting really

keep it funky:)

What did I write the other week?

...and I'm not even a psychic.
We're not suppossed to be surprised; this is normal.

Very dissapointing. Jamiroquai just don't seem to be popular with the masses. I am the only person I know that likes Jamiroquai (except for the online community). I asked my 16 year old cousin what she thougt of Jamiroquai the other day and she got them confused with the Pussy Cat Dolls! And she is a typical example of the video watching MTV young generation with no idea who Jay Kay is. Most people don't care about most music unless the popular media consider it to be popular. JMQ has never really been that popular in the media.

That was quite a dissjointed comment I just wrote.

The Brits are a load of crap regardless of whether your a band or a music fan. If I was in JK's position I would feel more satisfied with the songs Ive written, shows Ive performed and album sales. I wouldn't lose any sleep over the fact I've not been nominated along side the flavour of the month. As a music fan in Britain, I respect the Grammys more. (But I am a huge Steely Dan fan so Im biased. Beating Eminem in 2000 was hilarious!)...

I wanna know who the judges are and put these idiots in the catergoies. I like a whole range of music and lookin from that point of view the nominations are a shamble. Out of all the other great songs of this year they could only put james blunt an awful piece of song writing, that rubbish that is the x-factor winner(he never chose the song, wrote it, god knows how he got a record deal and who the hell is buying that trash?), the awfully annoying sugababes track (the older stuff they did was much better than push the button an annoying catcht, cheap made piece of rubbish) a song from over 30 years ago (tony christie)and Coldplay (though that song is not so bad just over played and overrated)Maybe it's good that Jamiroquai aren't put alongside such tasteless rubbish-the Brits used to be ok, now its a waste of time, it means nothing, it ain't as prestigious as an Ivor Novello award or the Grammy's. The only thing good out of these nomintaions is the awards for the Kaiser Chiefs my second fav band (obviously it has to be 2nd!) Awards don't mean anything- lets just reserve them for those who can only dream of lasting a few years, not influencing future artists, not selling over 20 million records,having mllions of loyal fans, selling out stadiums night after night all over the world etc. Only Jamiroquai could achieve that and not be recognised!

EEEeeewwwWWW - British wot ??? British Twit Awards !!! Typical, bl**dy typical !!! (BTW, I am British). What do we have left to look forward to for 2006 - I tell you she'd better not slip up with the honours'list again, or I will have to forward a stiffly worded letter.

Hmmm...Driving along an open road, or sitting with a bunch of idiots at the Brit awards...Driving along an open road, or sitting with a bunch of idiots at the Brit awards.........difficult choice!

its too bad that jamiroquai aren't nominated, but then again the brits can never recognize anything exceptionally good! (im aussie!) even if its right in their faces!
im 17, and my friend and i totally love jamiroquai's music! it so rocks! i went to their concert in canberra, and it just blew me away! i don't listen to any other artists at all now! like you would really want to.
Jay Kay is ultimately the coolest man on earth!
there should be a way that us fans would be able to thank jamiroquai for all they have done, it would be the least we could do!
love from Raquel

Just to add another comment here, Jamiroquai are normally nominated in the "Best Dance Act" category, which has been in the awards since 1994. In the 2006 awards, "Best Dance Act" has been dropped, and there is a new category - "Best Live Act".

The Brits = The Coldplay Awards
Live 8 = The Coldplay Show
Top of the Tops = Coldplay Live
Everything else = Coldplay

Every band on that nomination list = CRAP

What is with those brit awards? I don't get it? Coldplay?.. WTF??
Best live act = Jamiroquai (no brainer)..
Zed i think you are psychic
Maybe all that didging out has vibrated your mind into the "psych Zone".. cool..!

My personal opinion is that coldplay dont bring any new stuffs to the music as Jamiroquai does, Brit awards its only about Famous and popularity and not music...
Always the Same

It just confirms how pathetic music has become.

Its a widely known fact that the two biggest overrated band the world are U2 and Coldplay. Coldplay can release an absolutely shit album (like their last one) and it will still do good in awards and album sales.

Please keep comments directly related to news items, and not cryptic so that others do not understand.

Thanks in advance,


Well, just keep making music without considering the recognition from others, that's art, real music! so it doesn't bother me.

No surprise for me! In 2005, the record company have made a lot of advertising with famous artist like Robbie Williams, Madonna or coldplay cause they would sale a lot of albums. Jamiroquai is not a popular band all around the world, it's more a commercial-underground group which has a lot of fans but which never sell many albums, except for TWM! to be nominated in Brit Awards is really not a consecration for musicians, It's more important for record company which can know what kind of artist is the most "bankable"!

this is bullocks!!!
f*** ht ebrit awards,give everything to coldplay,gorrilazz,or whatever sutpid band..i dont care..

I think the band won't care about it, as Jay said that he 'd like to get rid of the record company, the most part of money is invested on advertising, not on music itself. So it's logical that he won't care about the Brit Award that goes only to popular names.

Ahh well, looks like the Robbie....sorry the Brit Awards have messed up again.
By the way that earlier post wasn't me. ;-)

your all right, this is injustice but everyone has there tastes and they have never been recognised for what they do only what jay kay shouldn't.
I suppose one good thing is the nomination for Ian brown as he produces good stuff and works his arse off!

Jay can't make it anyway...he has a date with me that night!!

Listen, there is something good about all this...

We're all going to have the last laugh fifteen years down the line when everyone will realize the 'true greats', and will boogie at every disco to Jamiroquai.

'Popcorn' is a quick snack; unfortunately, theres a lot of 'quick snacks' out there that win. Industries work and think on the clock of 'now'.
Jamiroquai work on the clock of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Merry Christmas everybody!

it's a shame the best music and a great job haven't been nominated in any categories.

Very disappointing...

I normally tolerate the Brits because there's normally something half decent to listen to, but I'm not going to bother this year. I'm not interested in listening to AthleticURazorplay or Jack BluntPowter so it's waste of a couple of hours that I could be watching some paint dry.

I remember watching the Brits last year and the presenter said Jamiroquai are the "biggest losers", as in theyve had more nominations than anyone else without actually winning a Brit

Jamiroquai, losers? This ceremony is really stupid and this man doesn't know anything about music...

who said that they were losers...let me get him!!!

In a way, i am glad Jamiroquai havent got any nominations. I say that because everybody knows how crap the brits are in regards to decent quality music. So let them not give Jamiroquai any recognition! Everybody knows the best musical talents never get any BRIT recognition. heh heh

ivan, funkadelic,

the comment appears to be tongue in cheek; meaning the presenter knew vey well that the band aren't losers; but are'losers' as in they have been nominated for X ammount of years without winning.
Hope that helps. keiran explained in the latter part of his / her post.
Sorry Kieran; it's a beautiful name that would fit both sexes.

How about a best dead act, and we vote the Brit Awards Panel of Judges for it !!!

Don't shoot the messenger guys!! They were the presenters words, not mine! And zed I am male :P

cheers for clearing that up mate!

Zed, It was just a little joke...I have understood what losers means in the sentence. Sorry, Cheers !

Like most awards, these are just vanity "Thank You's" from the record companies to their artists. You can bet that they had an input into the choice and unfortunately Jay has not sold huge amounts of Dynamite and has slagged off Sony !!

...that's a damn good point.

Yes, I agree Zed, that's a damn good point!!!!!!! Right am going to have a cup of tea and an apple pie...perhaps Mr Kay would like to join me?

How about a best dead act, and we vote the Brit Awards Panel of Judges for it !!!


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