Jamiroquai bootleg and mash-up mixes #2

Added on Tuesday 10 January 2006, 01:33 (UTC)

Following the recent post with details and downloads of some unofficial bootleg and "mash-up" remixes of Jamiroquai tracks here's some more to have a listen to...

  • The No Substitution Audio remix of Supersonic is not a mash-up of sorts, just a pretty funky remix using vocals from Supersonic - available from the downloads page
  • "Burning for the Return of the Space Cowboy" mixes Burn by User together with Space Cowboy.  This can be downloaded from
  • "Fill JK In", is a mix of Fill Me In by Craig David, and Little L by Jamiroquai.  This was released on white label vinyl back in 2001, and is sometimes known as "Fill Little In" - RapidShare download
  • Britney Spears vs. Jamiroquai - "Deeper One More Time" - need I say any more! - RapidShare download
  • A number of mixes and other tracks are available on this RapidShare folder, including one featuring Jamiroquai's Alright and a number of different rap tracks.
  • "Heavenly Time" - Time Won't Wait mixed with a track from the Defected record label - RapidShare download (thanks to Funkstar)

Please have a listen to these mixes and let the world know what you think by posting a comment here at  If you have a mix you wish to share, please upload it to somewhere such as and then either post a link to the comments section here at or drop me an email with the details.  Expect another similar news post to this in the coming days/weeks.

Credit: Darryl Martin, Joel Griffith, Monika Stuwe, Sam Lashmar, Funkstar, Carl Helms

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