Jamiroquai US tour technical profile

Added on Monday 09 January 2006, 21:28 (UTC), the website of Mix magazine have a great in-depth technical report about the recent US tour, with lots of info provided by (front of house - i.e., what the audience hear) sound engineer Rick Pope...

“We've been recording every show since 1999, so we have about 250 shows on either DA-88 or Pro Tools,” says Pope. “Most of them we may never even listen to, but Jay likes to have them on file.” 

Talking with monitor engineer Andrew Thornton (the person in control of what the band hear during concerts), he describes the setup the band have on stage...

“Jay has a very simple mix onstage,” says Thornton. “He listens to most of the band acoustically, and his wedges pretty much have just keyboards and piano, so it's actually not that loud onstage. The drummer uses a Buttshaker ‘thumper’ to feel the bass drum in his headphones. The band all take a stereo mix from me. They're pretty easy to look after.” 

The full article can be read at the Mix Magazine website. 

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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