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Added on Monday 12 December 2005, 18:59 (GMT)

The Official Jamiroquai Store is running a promotion throughout the month of December:

If you buy anything in the Jamiroquai store during December 2005 you will be entered into a prize draw to win a signed tour jacket. As a runner up prize we have 10 signed CD's. So, if you haven't done your Xmas shopping yet then now is your chance to win one of these super rare jackets.

The Official Jamiroquai Store can be found at

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Is this offer only valid in the UK?

I don't believe so. If you can order items and ship them to other countries, then you should be OK for the prize draw.

Just visited the Jamiroquai's Store. I was hoping I could find something 4 my kids, but they don't do clothes like that there.
They should start selling little caps with their logo on them.
That would look so cute, does anyone agree with that?
I hope this suggestion comes 2 the wright hands.

Yeah, I agree with that. Can you IMAGINE! Litlle babies with those caps on! But no horns please!

...and then they could open their own store 'JamiroGAP'...


Lucy and Penny Lane - just make your own. not sure how old they are, but that will be a fun experience for the both of you and they will be original. my students made one for me for to wear at the concert, and it was really creative and cute.

Here is 1 I made earlier,for J. that is!
Can I deliver IT in person as a Christmas present?

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