Sony Ericsson Christmas Calling

Added on Sunday 11 December 2005, 18:20 (GMT)
Sony Ericsson Christmas Calling

On UK television today (Sunday), Channel 4 broadcast a show called Sony Ericsson Christmas Calling.  Featuring a number of different artists, recordings of (Don't) Give Hate A Chance and Black Capricorn Day from one of the Japanese concerts in November were broadcast.

A video of (Don't) Give Hate A Chance is now available on the downloads page, and Black Capricorn Day will be available in the coming days.

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David, you're as quick as lightning, as usual:) THX!

Oh no!!!!!
I missed this show going to be repeated??

Ooops....sorry i have just seen that it is going to be repeated.
Oh and well done david for getting the downloads!!

Thank you very very very much!!!

Absolutely loved the Jamiroquai bit of the show, especially the dancing teddies on the screens of Tokyo. Did J. pick up his dance routines from them or is it the other way around?
Anyway, they look equally cute.
Jamiroquai is at their best when they perform live.
They simply blow me away!

Hello everyone,
It was brilliant to see how generous J.K. is. All the people from the show were donating Christmas gifts and he gave away the top prize: a motorbike and a day at Silverstone.
How kind is that! I wish people would remember the good things he does, not just count how many cars and hats he's got. He made someone's dream come true today.
Have a happy Christmas everybody and J.K. too!

i missed it! argh! thanks david for the download! does ne 1 know when it is goin to be repeated on tv? cheers! everyone have a very merry crimbo!

Thank you very much David.
As Zsoma said: "you're as quick as lightning" ;)

Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks David!!! It's a superb video! You're the best!!! I love sooooo much the end of the song and the break! FUNKY TIMES!!!

Why is this always in strange format, so many of us cannot download this?

I agree with Sarah, i cannot download this format....would it be possible to get it in avi or something similar?

Thank you very much David! from Japan.
We are proud of you !!

Don't give hate a chance was great. I didn't think they show another JAmiroquai song so i turned it off missing Black Capricorn Day. Thanks david for keeping us informed or I would have missed all together.

Sarah/Lee: what is the problem with the download. Is it because it is BitTorrent? Or that it is DivX .avi? (bittorrent is required to download it, and DivX is required to play it).

If you do not want to use BitTorrent then sometime soon (maybe a week, maybe longer) the files will be available as a direct download. BitTorrent is used to make it quicker and more efficient to download during the first few days of it being online.

I hope this explains things.

Thanks david your response :-)
Its because its bitTorrent, you see I download from Uni and i cannot use bitTorrent there. But if theyre going to be direct downloads soon then no worries, i'll just get them then.
thanks again David

Loved the closeup camera work on this one. It's about time Jamiroquai did a live video for one of their singles, don't you think.

wow, didn't know (d)ghac was played back in 2001..... ;)
chech out the description of this download in the download page, you made a little mistake david.

btw, thanx a lot!!!!

Akghar: thanks for telling me about that. All fixed now.

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