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Added on Sunday 11 December 2005, 17:24 (GMT)

London has recently seen some great Jamiroquai posters in railway stations advertising Dynamite, and this is part of a promotional activity at HMV music stores around the UK, with them offering the following albums at great prices:

  • The Return Of The Space Cowboy: £4.99
  • Travelling Without Moving: £7.99
  • Synkronized: £6.99
  • A Funk Odyssey: £5.99

Both Travelling Without Moving and Synkronized are part of a "Buy one CD, get one half price" sale, so if you buy them both, you'll get the cheaper for half price.  If you're in the UK and new to Jamiroquai, then this is a great opportunity to build up your collection.

Credit: Horváth Zsolt

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Dear David,
the Christmas look of the website is fantastic. It's really cool when people make an effort to be in touch with the spirit of the season. Keep up the good work.
And of course, Happy Christmas to you and your wife!

FYI for US/Canada fans (not sure about International Shipping, etc.) who don't have the 1998 Deeper Underground boxset - the VHS portion is on sale new and used at it has the vids for DU, HT, and ROTSC on it. i guess you can contact the seller to see if the CD portion is available, but the site doesn't list it. i don't think they make this anymore and it's hard to find (been looking for the Holiday), so you might want to snatch it up, if you don't have it.

in argentina in musimundo u can buy three albums in a special offer of 20 pesos...i dont know if now still this offer, but i can say this offers help me to buy many albums...

I've seen that offer too. This is how I buy all my musick. Maybe we've met in the shop, who knows?

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