Jay's Puppy Love

Added on Tuesday 13 December 2005, 11:30 (GMT)

An article in Tuesday's Daily Mirror newspaper (UK) talks a bit more about Jay's love of his dogs... 

JAY'S PUPPY LOVE With Kiki King, Eva Simpson And Caroline Hedley

NO WONDER Jay Kay's love life has gone to the dogs - he's obsessed with his pooches. The hunky Jamiroquai frontman, 36, misses his four-legged friends so much that he has pictures sent to his mobile phone every day. A source close to the star, who's currently touring Australia, says: "Four times a day he has the latest photos and videos of the dogs sent to him. He is distraught that he isn't in the UK caring for his pets himself." Barking simply doesn't cover it...

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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What a load of bull !! With a name like Kiki King, love, I wouldn't be too proud of that article!

Jay.. go to the doc :S !

As stories go, it really looks like the Mirror are struggling to fill up the pages of their newspaper.

I think its great that he feels like that about his dog's. The thing about dog's is they are part of the family, having two rottweilers myself i know how much they mean to you.
The head mistress

I agree, what are the mirror on about? I wouldn't beleieve too much of that story, even if it was what? I love my dog to bits too. Yep nothing but a shaggy dog story.......;-)

Actually, one of his dogs has been ill- he's touring, so it seems reasonable that he receives news regularly on them, as he can't be there in person. People warm to their pets, and they become a part of the family, even more so when you aren't sharing a home. I read that he has been upset about that. Rule #1 of journalism- GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT. The way it's written is as if they're mocking him- the man has a heart, and in the 21st Century, I think that that's a great quality to have. Just another non-article.

umm he's not 36...?!

I don't know whether this is true or not..but if this were true.. what's wrong with it? I think its great that Jay feels like that about his dog's. I love dogs too. I hope Luger is fine.

he will be in 18 days.....

He's not particularly hunky either!

Ian, oh yes, he is! ;0)

I agree with Sylvana, J. is... he just is, isn't he?! But I think he is not touring anymore. As far as I'm concerned the Tour is finished. The boys should be back in town. I hope they are doing another surprise gig somewhere in U.K.
If anyone knows more what is going on in Jamiroquai tribe, let us know....Cheers!

i love the animals
good to know jay love th nature in many ways

thats why we all love jay!!!

jay je super.mohol by dojst konecne aj na slovensko.

Sorry, my englisch no good.
Jay, ti si najsjajnja zvijezda na nebu. Volim te najvise na svijetu!!!!!
Kad ces ponovo doci u posjetu?

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