Jamiroquai get GRAMMY Award nomination

Added on Thursday 08 December 2005, 15:47 (GMT) has announced that the video for Feels Just Like It Should has been shortlisted in the 48th Annual GRAMMY Awards, of which the nominations were announced today.

The nominees in the award for "Best Short Form Music Video" (for an individual track or single promotional clip) are as follows:

  • Lose Control - Missy Elliott Featuring Ciara & Fat Man Scoop - Missy Elliot & Dave Meyers, video directors; Joseph Sasson, video producer [Goldmind/Atlantic]
  • Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz Featuring De La Soul - Pete Candeland & Jamie Hewlett, video directors [Parlophone/Virgin]
  • Feels Just Like It Should - Jamiroquai - Joseph Kahn, video director; MaryAnn Tanedo, video producer [Epic]
  • God's Will - Martina McBride - George Flanigen, video director; Mark Kalbfeld, video producer [RCA Nashville]
  • World On Fire - Sarah McLachlan - Sophie Muller, video director [Arista]

The 48th Annual GRAMMY Awards will be held on Wednesday 8 February at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

In February 1998, Jamiroquai won a GRAMMY for "Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal" with the track Virtual Insanity.


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a little notariety

A!!!!!!FinallY!!!!ExelLent& video!!!;)))

I've been seeing the FJLIS video almost every morning at the gym and I must say the song has grown on me. I don't think much of the video, but I do want them to win a GRAMMY!!! Maybe the nomination will entice the band to come back to the US in the spring!!!! Could this mean that SONY is finally starting to lobby for their artists???

lovely news!

Great news! But in my opinion, they won't win this award cause the american academy always give the award to american artist! But we never know, perhaps they will succeed to conquest the american opinion...


truth is, its between missy and gorillaz. the american academy not only goes for the american folks, but more importantly the popular group. id say gorillaz are a shoe-in

The American Academy doesn't always give the award to American artists. Previous non-Americans who have won the GRAMMY for Best Short Form Music Video are as follows:

U2 "Vertigo" (2004)
Fatboy Slim "Weapon Of Choice" (2001)
Beatles "Free As A Bird" (1996)
Rolling Stones "Love Is Strong" (1994)
Peter Gabriel "Steam" (1993)
Peter Gabriel "Digging In The Dirt" (1992)
Dire Straits "Brothers In Arms" (1986)
David Bowie (1984)
Duran Duran "Girls On Film/Hungry Like The Wolf" (1983)

Good luck guys!

true but look at their names.
i could ask any freeloading american if they know u2, fatboy etc and im sure to get reactions
when i ask folk if they know jamiroquai, its like jamiro-what?
problem is, they arent what they are in europe, asia, australia etc here in the states. they arent what the stones were for '94's voodoo lounge (forgive me if im wrong) tour. and becuase its the american academy awards or whatever, its based on how well they did in america and the votes come from americans. know what im saying? im having a hard time explaining things today...


"you know, that guy in that crazy video with the big hat where the furniture is moving around."

"OH! yeah, isnt that stevie wonder?"

ah shit, heres to them winning anyway
doubt aside

I think it's great news!!!!! Good on them, even if they don't win, they still got nominated - I'm really proud of them!!!!

i just realized that 3 of these videos belong to SONY, as well as 125 other Grammy nominations. wow.

Great news! Restores my faith just a bit into the Grammy's-it's become a popularity award show. Good luck! I hope you win! hope you come back in the spring!

You're right MC! But all these artist are very popular in the US, not Jamiroquai (even if many fans went to the Dynamite Tour)! If you're not american, you'll win only if you are a big big star, despite your talent. Jamiroquai is a very talented group, but not enough star for american academy to win this award! Cheers

I hate to tell you this 'the real shady slim' but the Gorillaz are British (fronted by ex-Blur singer Damon Albarn, a man who is about as British as they come!) Jamiroquai are in with an excellent chance, good luck boys!

well i didnt word that right cat, i meant american OR popular (like u2 in posts above) im well aware of damon albarns roots and to add to that, it is of my beliefs that england is the source of the worlds best music. but i dont think quai has a chance becuase ...well look at the billboard charts from another news post here on funkin, what cd is number 2 of the year? Gorillaz
to many gorillaz fans as compared to quai fans

id still love to see em win

eminem sucks

Why all the naysaying? So what, Jamiroquai aren't the most popular of the lot. They weren't all that popular in the US when "Virtual Insanity" was nominated. Their record label didn't even bother to release the song as a single. That didn't stop JK and co. from beating out Fleetwood Mac, Hanson, No Doubt, and The Rolling Stones back in 1998.

yeah, i'm stoked for them, obviously something has paidoff...even if they dont win they were nominated for freaks sake! i love this band , and to be honest if they hate george bush , than an "american board" shouldnt affact they're cool. cos THEY ROCK , the album and video rock and whoever cares wat the yanks push in and say anyway?


I think they can win, but even if they don't, it will be fine to see Jamiroquai nominated gain...ahhhhhhhhhh c'mon do it.......maybe he sings at the hall

I'm not a Missy Eliot fan, but regardless of what type of music you enjoy you have to admit that visualy Missy Eliot and Gorillaz videos are always boundry pushing and amazing. So to me, it speaks very highly of FJLIS to have it nominated among videos of that calibur.

It's great that Jamiroquai have been nominated again for a Grammy and I do hope they win, HOWEVER, I think the New Pantheon award nomination is by far a more impressive recognition! That award honors creativity and excellence from the music industry itself, not just based on sales. As an American, I am so sick of the prefab, canned talent, manufactured crap, that keeps getting awards from the Grammy's. It's nice that they recognize Jay's latest video but when are they going to recognize his MUSIC?? Jay has put out six amazing CD's that are funkaliscious and conscious!! When will the Grammy's start recognizing MORE real talent, by real musicians and artists that actually write their own music, produce, arrange and perform it live sounding better than the CD! ?? If you care about this stuff (and you're an American) you can help change it by voting with your dollar! Refuse to buy that crap and teach your kids about real music, NOT Britney Spears! It's so depressing! I realize that not all recognition goes to this type of band but too much does! I also think Sony has NOT done nearly enough marketing of Jamiroquai in the US, (Even despite the 9/11 release of AFO) So many people I know have never even heard of them here! That's when I tell them, "that's why I'm the DJ at this party we call life!" And then, I put on a Jamoriquai CD. Spread the love fellow Jamily and tell all your people to support REAL ARTISTS and not capitalist music machines!

I dont know, It kind of feels more privledging being one of the few hardcore fans of jk's music here in chicago. Isnt it crazy how the concept of perception and expression is so vain these days, that people say and hear things bad and assume theyre good?

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