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Added on Thursday 08 December 2005, 20:06 (UTC)

UK female oriented website recently published an interview with Jay where he talks about subjects including remixes, style and why he got involved with Sony Ericsson...

Are you worried that some of your fans might think that you've sold your soul to the devil somewhat by hooking up with a mobile phone company?

No, we don't think that at all – I think if I was offered £2 million by Pepsi Cola to team up with the Spice Girls and Boyzone, that would be selling your soul. No, I don't think so at all, because I think this type of communication is the way forward, and this type of phone for me is great. When I'm abroad I can actually see the people I'm talking to and I like that idea. I've been waiting for that kind of thing for years – video messaging, etc. So I don't think so, I think it's been a fairly natural partnership, to be honest.

Jay also talks about the recent stories about him venturing into the world of fashion...

Is it true that you are launching your own fashion line?

Well, there's lots of different things going on at the moment, I'm in talks with some people from Japan to do something and I'm also talking to Hugo Boss to do a very small line, which I want to keep to just 10-12 pieces, but what I want to do is sit with the designers for a couple of days bashing some stuff out...

The complete interview can be read at the website. 

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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