Dynamite moves back up on Billboard!

Added on Thursday 08 December 2005, 15:19 (GMT)
Dynamite has been on the Billboard Electronic Albums Chart for 11 weeks and this week (dated 17 December) it has moved back up to number 8 (weekly chart run: 2-3-3-3-4-5-7-6-8-10-8).
Credit: Deesha Dyer

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now this makes me happy

up up and away

Me 2 The Real On, but the Grammy.....

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this run on the American chart is very impressive isn't it? I'm sure Dynamite wasn't this successful in the British Charts, but then our charts are full of indiscrimate tripe.

Just as an aside, I was recently in Philadelphia for a week and heard Dynamite in its entirety whilst at the gym and heard Hollywood Swinging whilst in a shop in Atlantic City. Good eh?

Bob: yes, I think it is very impressive. As for a UK comparison, what I think I'll do is go through my collection of Music Week magazines, as this publishes the "UK R&B Album Chart", and Dynamite had a great run on the chart (made it to number one). What I want to do it get this info and at least add it to the discography page for the album (together with the billboard chart info), as this looks much better than its overall UK chart run!

Bob, Lovely - I'm from Philadelphia, and would love to know what gym that was!

Hi Deesha

It was in Bally's gym, I think on 15th and Sansam. I was warned it was a bit of a dump, but I thought it was fine compared to some of the holes I've trained in, and how can you complain when they're playing Jamiroquai.

By the way, I thought Philly was a really nice place and can't wait to go back. Everyone seemed to be so friendly - even the beggars were extremely polite.


Cool, yes on 15th between Sansom and Walnut. I LITERALLY work right down the street from there. I can see Bally's from my office. I'm happy you enjoyed Philly and got to hear Dynamite during your work out. A trainer in there must have good taste!

I went to the Perth DYNAMITE concert on Sunday night, and totally loved it!
What an awesome guy!!

Hi Deesha

They seemed to play a lot of British music in there, especially dance music. Although I suppose the US isn't really that keen on upbeat music, so most dance music tends to be British (with horific trance and hard house being mainly Continental European).

I assume you went to the Atlantic City gig.


Dance music is big here, just depends on where you go. The only dance club I go to here in Philadelphia, plays most world dance music. American dance is too ravish sounding for me. And yes, I was in Atlantic City. Although New York was way better, I had a wonderful time in AC.

What's the name of the dance club that you go to and where abouts is it? My girlfriend was working there for a few months (and may be going back permanently), and she found it very hard to find anywhere to have a good boogie.

it's called FLUID. it's on 4th street between south and bainbridge. i go on saturday nights. email me and i'll give you more info: [email protected]

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