Sydney Centennial Park set list

Added on Saturday 03 December 2005, 13:44 (GMT)

On Saturday night Jamiroquai performed to 20,000+ people in Sydney's Centennial Park.  The set list was as follows:

  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. Seven Days In Sunny June
  7. Starchild
  8. You Give Me Something
  9. Dynamite
  10. Use the Force
  11. Black Capricorn Day
  12. Love Foolosophy
  13. Time Wont Wait
  14. (Don't) Give Hate a Chance
  15. Alright (Encore) 
On Tuesday night the band will perform at the Riverstage in Brisbane.
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great live show..First ive ever seen. Was dissapointed there was no deeper underground.

yes i was quite upset about that aswell!

J K is a true original, and very appreciative of his fans- i grabbed his arm when he ran out into the crowd! the whole vibe and atmosphere was outta this world. only down side that they did not do corner of the earth, but i can see why- cos it did not fit into the funkin set.

How great was the sound. not many people that sound like a CD nowadays ! I don't think i have ever turned round near the back to see nearly every person dancing at a gig. f'ing amazing !

hey who were the guys at the front with the fluro caps?

They partially played Main Vein as well in the Love Fool/Time Wont Wait medley...

damn that was a good show though! I dont know, such a better atmosphere than ent cent 3 years ago.
It was a real funkin' set.


Hello everybody!
Sydney gig was the best gig I've ever been to. The band was 11 out of 10, but Jay... He is out of this world. What a performance! 14 out of 10, no, 20 out of 10!!! Couldn't go to the after party at Tank because my babysitter had to go to see her boyfriend. It's probably rocking down there as I write this, but I'm happy to be back home with my kids. Girls, if I were you, when it comes down to J.K. I would grab what I can till he is still single. 4(phoarr) more gigs to go in Australia, there is your chance. He sais himself time won't wait... better hurry up, he might get snapped up soon! I can't wait for the band to release a new album and come back to the land of Oz. I know it might be some time, but it is something to look forward to.
Lots of love to them all and everyone that loves them as much as I do!
Cheers guys!

"the same old setlist"
"come on guys, spice it up a little"
"I was disappointed they didn't do 'Virtual Insanity'" (even though if I had read other set lists from the tour I'd have realized they JUST DON'T DO IT ANYMORE...)

I simply couldn't resist.... I've read so many posts like this that I had to mock the whiney little jackasses who can do nothing more than comment on their disappointments with the live sets.

Hope I made somebody laugh. all rocked in Sydney and dosent Jay Know it...That was the greatest
live performance ever, and the sound was better than perfect......I've never seen 20,000+ people going
completely nuts at the same time. I was about 15 meters
from the stage and my little flashy smiley face on my hat told the whole storey...Awsome..Awsome..Awsome..oh what a night...What a great band and what an atmosphere, I'll
treasure that night 4 eva...
Well done to the band and well done to the fans 4 the
best party I've ever been to....
Thank u all....Love hugs and kisses.....xo..

My god that was the best concert that i've ever been to, they were fanastic the vibe was just awesome. I was at the front and my god. J k he is so bloody good, he could not have put on a better concert, the 20 000 people that were all there i think would agree. I have never seen so many people dancing at the same time. Jamiroquai you guys are awesome cant wait to see you live again sometime, the energy level was just so high i loved it. Thanks for a great night everyone
P.S. i was next to the fluro hat ppl i think they were in yr 12 but i didnt catch their names.

He is such a lovely guy, I cannot stop thinking of that little thanks he gave to all Australian fans. I was right in the middle, it was so beautiful to see such an amazing show, the lights and all. Thanks to all the crew who put together the stage and lighting.It was perfect.

Woooooo, sooooo goood. What can we say, it was dancin' and partyin' hard all night. Even the support acts were all great, such a good night. Cheers to Sola, Derrick, Matt, Paul, Rob and Jay. Wooooo, you all performed sooo well.
I could dance and jump around again, hope to see you guys back in Sydney. You're always welcome and next time we'll all party even harder.

P.S. I was one of the guys wearing a black akubra hat and I also wore a pink tie, I was near the front about 2-3 metres behind the fluro hat people. Wooooooo

My god they were awesome, the whole day it was just so good all the acts were bloody fantastic except for the last one before Jamiroquai they kinda sucked. Jk he seemed like such a nice genuine guy, and when he thanked us Aussies it seemed really genuine, well Jk we love you what can we say, the whole band is just awesome so original and the songs just fantastic. I was right at the front and when he got down and came past us all i nearly died, he is just so talented, the whole band is just so talented

OMG it was bloody AWESOME!!!!!!!!i cant get over it,im still dancing around my totally rocked!!iv never seen such a good performer;he sings great,he dances great AND he connects with audience!!i cant believe he held my hand!!!i went crazy!!!
GUYS U ROCK!!!!!!!thanx for the best time ever!!!

awesome,a freaking brilliant concert!! The lights definitely added to the feeling of each song. I'm sooo happy with the 5 chosen songs from Dynamite, and UGS was soooo great and done funk-in-ly!!! We're all so lucky the weather held up for us.!
However, was angry how the entrance people made you chuck food and water away- forcing people to buy from the stores at the venue.!!!
Great to see a great bunch of fans, helpful and very funkin'.!!!
also, i loved the JK hats people had going on, that image is so brilliant! and STUNNING. Good effort!!
Waiting for another visit to Sydney from the boys with more songs!!

Wat i meant Catman was that i don't really like that music it was good at first but i just got a bit bored of it thats all, it think they are good at what they do but its not for me

ahk.... hmm ... come over to more reviews there and stuff ... pix soon! gahhh.... stupid security taking my camera away :P

STARCHILD!!! Hell yeah, i did not think they would perform it because it has not been on any of the other setlist. man they were good. Dont give hate a chance sounded awesome live. little dissapointed that it didn't go for that long. jays dancing was good but he didn't really dance as much as in the funk odysee tour (maybe getting too old). but a great night and crowd was awasome too.
cool to see all the hats in the crowd.


Unbelievable!!! Bloody fantastic. Everything about it was awesome.. from JK's moves to the vibe in the massive crowd. To every song, everyone was singing along which added to the ambience!!! 10/10

im actually a little disspointed in the concert setlisting... it wasnt as good as it has been this tour!there were major songs missings ... i didnt think jay was too happy either... im sick and tired of drunk bimbos in the crowd... lol

YEHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOO words can not describe how unreal jaykay and his band jamiroquai are, they are truely talented people! and the show was just to good to put into words!

what an awesome night... starry night (as pointed out by JK!), warm breeze, fun crowd, and funky tunes... what more could you ask for?! was 3 rows from the front (behind the fluro hat people) and had a rocking time!! please come back soon jamiroquai!! big thumbs up... again ;-)

that was amazing!!!! I have always wanted to go to the concerts in sydney and never had the chance but have been a long time fan. I had very high expectations and the concert surpassed them. The whole atmosphere was great. sounds amazing live i think better than cd. As for those backup singers how awsome are they!!! I wish it had been longer I did not stop dancing the whole time.I wish I was that girl in the front row. I'll have one of those kisses any day!!!

Jamiroquai's music is simply uplifting and out of this world. I dont think there are any other bands or musicians in the world that can compare or spark the level of happiness that this band gives to its fans. The only problem with last nights concert is that it had to end. Long Live Jamiroquai!!

I never realised how rockin REVOLUTION 1993 is!!! After hearing it live I have new appreciation for it (not that I hated it or anything). Awesome concert. So glad they played STARCHILD. DYNAMITE rocks. So depressed that its all over and I have to wait until the next album to see them again.
Does anybody know the name of the first band that where on from st kilda??? they went off... by far the best of the supporting bands. Man fox studios ripped me off with their parking fee.. i paid the $20 but when I left in my car the damn boom gates were open. $20 down the drain!!! ($20 = 4 beers!)

I have wanted to see Jamiroquai live since I was 8 years old. I saw them last night, I'm 18 years old, and for that two hours last night I was that 8 year old kid again dancing to the likes of Cosmic Girl, Use The Force (Can't believe they played that) and Alright. I had so much fun. Everyone singing and dancing. I copped a serious elbow in the head but I felt nothing. All that mattered was living the moment. Enjoying every second of it. And what a fantastic crowd: Young and old, black and white, Asian and Latin, whatever... everyone was just getting along. JK was amazing. The band was amazing. How they could recreate all those sounds in front of our very eyes is beyond me. They could've played all their hit songs but we would've been there all night. There are just too many of them! The Jamiroquai Greatest Hits album will be a dual-disc no doubt. The funniest thing ever is that all I could hear was the music and the crowd singing at the top of their voices while JK and the lighting effects simply provided an awesome visual while you were having a breather from dancing. Awesome concert. Awesome band. Security... you suck!!! Confiscating my bottled water and then getting me to buy a $4 warm bottle of Coke! Shame on you and your stinkin' rules! For six hours I couldn't have a cold water! Have a good one guys! Cheers.

it was a magic show!!!! JK is so good and natural....
and do not forget the musiciens..amazing..first time and not last... thanks.......
the frenchy....

Unbelievable!! I was next to the guys in the fluro hats and they went to the newcastle show n met the band there....met rob at the aftershow n went to dancers and hugos lounge with them n met matt and derrick and lorraine till all hours - nicest guys, so genuine and modest, had the keenest night - hope u all had as much fun!

oops dont know if my message will be misinterpreted - me and my best friend met the band on sat night , not the fluro hatters.. n apparently well be seeing them next summer if rob keeps his word!! plz plz plz!! i dunno if i can wait that long.. couldnt hav asked for a better gig, wat a performance, loved the variety, was surprised we didnt hear feels just like it should, but didnt care, great to reminisce to some older tracks .. my feet are still aching from grooving i LOVE IT!

It was such a great night! Outside gigs are the best! The moon was awesome, and JK was better than ever. The only downer to my night was that I had beer spilled all over me and then I got hit in the head with some mentos lolly things but they were yum anyway. Still I had fun, thanks JK!

Saturday Night was truly unforgetable, The Performance was amazing and the whole band just looked like they were having an awesome time, which i think helps improve the show 100%, the whole crowd was just in awe of the talent that those guys on the stage posses, and sneaky sound and the band from melbourne were fantastic, i was a little disapointed with the avolanches - but we still had a fantastic night, i hope to sem them back in OZ SOON

Please make a live-DVD.....!!!!!

Awesome gig, virtually flawless...Jam's performance was amazing. We were second row, right in front and loved every minute. 'UTF' & 'Space Cowboy' were incredible. Have to say that the Sneaky Sound System were shockingly awful, but the other support acts made up for it. Melb support act was Mr. Jigga and they smoked!

haha oh astroboy boy u tool! haha

There is not a hint of exaggeration when i say that i had one of the best experiences of my life on Saturday night.
The last time I saw Jamiroqai was in Osaka in 2003 and it in no way compared to the performance on the weekend. The sound, lighting, venue, setlist and crowd clearly surpassed the Osakan experience, particularly considering the number of songs that were played from his earlier albums (I am definitely an old school fan).
My 11 year obsession with the band has been reignited and what can I say I am loving it.
Shame I didn't manage to get to meet the band, although I did get to touch Jay as he glided past all of us at the front. Superb!!

after flying down to melbourne to see JK at the Myer Music Bowl, driving to canberra gig too...this one was by far the best.

The best part is he changes the arrangements of the tunes...Dynamite..BRILLIANT! revolution? UNBELIEVABLE.

i was lucky enough to see Jamiroquai back in 94 at the metro..return of the space cowboy tour..saturdays gig is up there with it now! by the way...lots of talented ladies in the crowd reeeeoooow! check out my version of dynamite below...cheers C:)

What's got u laughing Catman!? I hope your using the word 'tool' in a nice way! If its about my review of the Crappy Sound System, it had to be said. That lead singer was an embarrassment! I have a low tolerance for people who repeatedly play the 'air bass' on stage... By the way, Pooky Chan is right on...old skool all the way baby!

F*&^!!!!!!!! Me and my crowd are going to see them tomorrow night at the Riverstage - I can hardly bloody wait!!!!!!! It's such a rush being at a Jamiroquai concert, and to be immersed amongst Jami fans - hope you all have a fantastic, vibey time, and I'll be sporting bright red hair (and possibly funky red space boots!)

Cheers and party ON!!!

;) :) ;)

Sneaky Sound System were awesome! they had great on stage antics!
"That lead singer was an embarrassment! I have a low tolerance for people who repeatedly play the 'air bass' on stage..."

so saying this u dont listen to there music and u dont appreciate musicans for there talent and only there on stage antics/appearance? hmm that must be why u like jamiroquai so much!!! pretty colors ooooo

Believe me, I appreciate musical talent dude (how could I be a massive Jam fan and not!). I should have said up front that I thought Sneaky's music was as bad as their lead singer's dancing (and rapping for that matter). I'm sorry to disagree with you, but I'm only being honest! At least we can agree that Jamiroquai were AMAZING, and for me, that's all that mattered!

yeh i guess there's really no point in arguing seeing as everyone is entitled to there own opinion...jam did rock altho the lack of deeper underground did majorally suck!

BRAVO!!! WHAT a GREAT performance loved it all! yer what was the go with the fluro hat people up the front who were they? JAY KAY WE ALL LOVE YOU, i've herd that we Aussies are a tough crowd, but that night you truley FUNKED that place up with your SXEY SWEET vocie... COME BACK!!!!!! YOU are true talent and we all know it!

P.S. The song 'little L' means so much to me thanks for playing it CHEERS! mwa mwa

Hey guys - if anyone's interested, I've put up one of my "works in progress" in preparation for an album entitled "The Rainbow Ride" that I'd like to release sometime in the next couple of years. The link is: Hope ya dig. It's a bit different to what I usually do (I mostly dabble in acid jazz, funk, disco, raregroove, electronic, soul), but I think it could be interesting with more work.
I've still got LOTS of refining to do i.e. in terms of the vocals, layering, mixing, mastering, etc - but would love any constructive feedback and general comments on the track so far! And just one more - a reworking of Barry White's "Never Gonna Give You Up": Heh, the same applies to this one as the song above - nowhere near finished (eugh, gotta redo those vocals!), needs work, but listenable enough. Please, your comments and ideas would be awesome!
Thanks guys :)
PF ;)

Nice work PF - I'll buy your CD when it comes out.

OMG JAM was awesome sat nite, it was my first concert i have ever been to and it just rocked!! i am a new fan of jam and this cncert just amazed me. i had the best time ever, the crowd was unbelievably huge, i never expected so many ppl! i will never forget that nite, due to the fact that i am short i couldnt realli see, thanx to such luving auusies, i was able to see, the view on this strangers shoulders was OMG! words cant even describe it..i made eye contact with JK, i luv him his so HOT!! the music was bloody fantastic the whole ora of the nite was unforgetable, thanx for a great nite sydney and JAM hope to see u back in oz soon

I'll be at Riverstage tonight. You'll see me. I'll be the biggest bloke there. If I don't get to hear Deeper Underground (my absolute favourite JK track), security will be very busy.

aussies check out to meet more aussie fans!

wooooooo! jam concert was awesome! carinaaaaaaaaaaa lolz, glad i went! unbelievable....

they better play deeper underground they didnt in sydney or newcastle or canberra .... well im not sure if they did in canberra cant rememebr

really was it that good? I went to see him on Sat. night at sydney, I had an awesome time but should we really give it props of 'the best ever'? Someone here said that they had heard all the argument posts but really there is merit.

JK did dance ALOT less compared to entertainment centre 2002, he also spoke alot less to the crowd. (Remember the kangaroo soft toy in 2002? the ACDC guy?) I was really disappointed with that aspect. he usually dances alot more.

Also, the crowd sucked. i'm sorry but for canned heat and space cowboy noone near me was dancing and i was 20m from stage! i really wanted to be dancing with everyone closer... I thought everyone was quite bitchy as well compared to alot of events i have been to such as all the Fuzzy events.

however, other than that the concert was amazing. I think deeper underground is a crap song anyway and am glad it wasn't played. Starchild was by far the biggest and best surprise. also (Don't) Give Hate A Chance had everyone pumping. but i still think SpaceCowboy was the best, JK and that melody were made for each other.

I still thought that concert was f*#($ing good, awesome... but there were things that could have made it perfect.

My advice, if your abit older, (say 30+) try and be cool with the crowd and less bitcy, the crowds at the fuzzy/jam gigs are so much cooler to be around. they have no bitc, all dance...

anyhow... best concert in a while, crap crowd.

yeah one more thing, the set he played was very similar to last time he came out... the first 5 songs were in the same order FFS.... they can at least mix it up abit after 3 years... (plus i wish they would just play Virtual insanity FFS. really that song put them on the map and to not play it is just outright lame) still best concert :)

Man what a night,yeah! My wife and I came from New Zealand just to see this and man was it worth it. We are back at home now and cant stop playing the cd's in our car/house. J kay are you ever gonna come down to NZ? Peace out...

yeh i agree representing it was a great gig but not as good as what they did back in 2002 when they came!

rememember check out for more aussie reviews, video footage and some bootlegs to come!

representing. you are so right about the crowd. i wasn't that far from the stage and not many people were dancing and everyone was pretty bitchy and a bit stuck up. wish there was a fuzzy atmosphere because that was what i was really looking forward to. and jay didn't really say that much, was nice when he pointed out the moon, but a few of the other things he said sort of did not make sense, he must have been tired i guess.

i totally agree with you on the tracks he played, starchild is my fav song from dynamite and i have not seen it on any other setlist for the tour so i was stoked when they played. also glad they didn't play deeper underground.
plus was it just me or could you feel that massive bass in revolution. i don't really like the song but it felt great on the night.

not as good as funk odosyee tour, lacked a bit of energy but best concert i've seen all year.


good to see everyone's thoughts about the night.
I thought that repeating bass felt awesome, it was great!!!
i agree on the fact that Jay wasn't his 'old-self'. he would've made me much happier if he spoke more with his brilliant voice and charisma.
a complaint- i did feel the Sydney fans got ripped off with the early finish and number of songs, considering Syd was quite a sell-out couldn't Jay treat us with some more talk or songs??
i'm waiting for Jamiroquai to come back with saved up energy and vibes.!! :D

yeh i was thinking the same thing LiLL considering sydney was going to be a huge show i thought our setlist was going to be a little different with maybe some extra tracks... :P

I am from Europe and in Australia for a couple of month. It was my first concert here and I just loved it! It was great! Not just the incredible band, but also the audience made this experience unique. One big crowd, joining to sing the songs they love with the great musicians who wrote them. When I think about the concert, it still makes me smile. Thank you all for this great night!

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