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Added on Monday 05 December 2005, 14:00 (GMT)

Here's links to a couple of interviews with Jay - once recent and one from a few months ago.

Firstly, prior to the release of (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, an interview appeared in the Daily Express newspaper magazine (UK) at the start of November.  The text of the interview is now available on the downloads page.

What's the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

I’m not the soppy type. Getting engaged to Denise and giving her a diamond ring was romantic. It wasn’t so romantic to call it off.

The second is an older interview, which was broadcast on local independent radio in the UK earlier this year.  A number of short audio clips are available from a visit to Jay's house by a radio journalist.

Credit: Smita Odedra, Deesha Dyer

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This interview almost brought tears to my eyes. It is so nice to hear that a successfull person like Mr.Kay still stays in touch with real life after everything that happened to him. Many people loose themselves in a fame and (mis)fortune game. I'm glad to hear he is not one of them.
I personally wish him that everything good that he ever wished for comes true!
Love to everyone that reads this...

Amen Annie!! Blessings and love to you too!

Don't moan at me you big old hag, I'm going down the Flag.... ;)

Thanks Smita and Deesha! Am having a good old chuckle... :)

Does anyone know what these people are talking about???
I don't, but thanX anyway.
First one is a bit soppy, but the others...They must be from that film The Others....

So proud of the freaky goose...
Anna - i'm going down the Flag too, see you there! ;)

What is that Flag place everyone is talking about?
Sound like a good place to go to.
Can I come there, pleeeze?
If there is anybody out there, let me know, alright!

Entry to the Flag is at the discretion of the allmighty Goose :)
But remember - you can't come in if you don't eat sausages! :P

The Flag = The Chequered Flag = Jay's Pub in the grounds of his home

What's wrong with this man?
Q : Are you and Denise back together?
A:No,I dont know where these stories have come from.She came to Dublin with me for a show,to
"catch up" he says.hahahahaha
You dont need to take your ex to a show to catch up,there's such things as a phones,least poeple wont talk then.
I know where the stories have come from,it's not hard to work out. Obviously poeple are going to think they are back together,and gossip about it.

This is a man that wants to find someone and settle down.How unattractive is a man that catches up with his ex-girl friend. Unless your clueless,im beginning to think he is. And if any girl asks a man "Are you over your ex,in this situation.His reply would be "No dear what makes you think that? That would be jk's answer.Dumbo
The rest of the interview was good,but he says some funny things some times that make me laugh.
Move on jay kay,or marry the girl.

I agree with you, Julie. Jay has recently been seen in an Australian pub having a smooch with a girl. May that mean he's already moved on? Or is he ready to marry his ex-girlfriend?

I still don't know what this people are talking about, because I WILL mary Jason Kay!!!
That is if he ever wants to get married...
I'm not bothered either way. ;0)
P.S. Message for Julie:
I think its great if Denise and J. are still friends. People don't need to hate eachother if they split up. They have wright to go out in public too if they want to, everybody else does, so why should they hide. Don't people have better things to do then stick their noses into other peoples lives? Oh yes, how could I forget: gossiping releases some hormone in the brain that apparently makes you happy. Just make sure you keep it that way after you finished reading the story. For your own sake! I hope this is not to harsh on you dear Julie. I'm saying this with the best intentions. And also, if J.K. still likes her, why wouldn't he chase after her. She seems to be a nice girl and she's done what she's done because she probably didn't know how to deal with the situation through inexperience, plus she got emotional and created a mess. I'm sure she feels pretty bad about what she's done. And J..... He forgave her everything. Isn't that what we all should look up to? To remain decent to one another?! ( But between me and you, there are 2 sides to every story, I'm sure he is no angel) Anyway, I better belt up before I start writing a novel. By the way, if they still love eachother, they should get married. Best of luck to them whatever they decide to do...

You know that song from the Stooges "I wanna be your dog".
It's a great track, AnOther.
You are very cute, you know.
Going Deeper Underground now.....

Message for lola,
Im commenting on his interview,not the hole situation about jk and denise,just on his interview.You obviouly dont undertsand what im saying maybe you should go back and read the interview and then read again what I have written,i dont think you understand.I suppose there's some of us girls that have there heads stuck in the cloudes and some of us dont,i know your type where every thing smell beautiful and rosy. We know who the smart ones are example AG [hope it's not too harsh on you dear lola. It's got nothing to do with gossiping,i've just read an interview and commented on it.

Ah! The goose! ;0x
Someone's got their knix in a twix. I hope it's not you recycling....

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