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Added on Tuesday 29 November 2005, 07:39 (GMT)

Here is the set list from Monday nights concert at the AIS Arena in Canberra, Australia - a concert where Alright was played as the encore, instead of (the usual) Deeper Underground.

  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. Seven Days In Sunny June
  7. High Times
  8. Dynamite
  9. Use The Force
  10. Love Foolosophy
  11. Time Won't Wait
  12. Black Capricorn Day
  13. Don't Give Hate A Chance
  14. You Give Me Something
  15. Alright (encore)

As an aside, Jay spoke about how it was freezing in Canberra and didn't come all the way from England to the Australian summer to be freezing!

Please feel to make any corrections to the set list (I've been told the songs should all be there, but the order may not be 100% correct) by posting a comment with this news item.

Credit: Henry Weber

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BTW, there are some photos from the concert in the live gallery section.

No "Deeper Underground" at the end. This isn't a complaint actually. It's actually kinda refreshing to see that the band doesn't have to end with the SAME song all the time.

Why play time won't wait when it's not even on the Australian version "Dynamite" CD?.. This isn't a complaint either but why not Play Loveblind and what about Black devil car?.. So many good ones to choose from really.. love the latest album!! thanx

im hoping that deeper undeground features somewhere in the set list 2mrw nite!!

Im seeing the band tomorrow night.. cant wait.. anyone have any idea why the band isnt playing virtual insanity at any of their gigs ? such a great song and really really sad not to see it on any of the set lists.

I think Jay is kinda fed up performing that song. I remember him mentioning something in an inteview that he wont play virtual insanity live again. Im going to the Sydney concert on saturday and I will leave a very unhappy man if Deeper Underground isnt played.

look at the setlist of their gig in paris bercy, on 23rd november. virtual insanity was the 15th song...

they better play deeper underground at sydney!!!!

I seem to remember Jay saying that some of those 'earlier' songs like Virt. Insanity are getting a little high for an old bloke like Jay. Even on the Verona DVD (not that I'm trying to be critical) but you can tell that he's struggling with the constant high pitch. I think even Ryan Toby would struggle with songs continually being THAT high. :)

In any case, was an absolutely awesome concert. Deeper underground would have been good, but it was great to see that they performed some of their older tunes. Time Won't Wait still went down well and was a treat for the fans who really know all of the bands songs (like someone said, Time Won't Wait wasn't on the Aussie version... so I guess I don't really own a copy of it...)

Jay seemed to be holding his right elbow a fair bit during the concert as well. Hopefully nothing serious.


Virtual Insanity was indeed played a couple of times during this tour (at least Paris and Lille, both in France), and I can say that the performance in Paris was really magic, almost a capella at some point... Really a highlight in the concert.
And concerning Time Won't Wait, they've played it everywhere, even though we in Europe didn't get it on "our" album either...

Please play Deeper Underground for the rest of the tour in Australia, but Alright is great as the last track. It always leaves me with this happy feeling all over. I will be seeing your last gig of your Tour.
Can't wait!

Hate that I missed you in the US, your my favorite band. Play what you feel, its your concert, I'm a fan of all your music. It gives peace of mind.America should give more publicity to towards you guys. Your music is so cool.

Thankyou for the comments RE: Virtual Insanity.. i can just hope like hell he might play it tonight,, no matter tho.. he culd sing nursey rhymes and id still be impressed :P
Not happy about this red zone tho.. one of the reasons i bought tickets for the newcastle show instead of the sydney show is because it wasnt spose to be happening at the newcastle gig.. still.. i'll line up for what will be a few hours to try and get peak position!!
Watch this space for some piccies tomorrow!!

The concert was awesome!!! I am so happy that they bothered to go to Canberra. I am glad Jason wore the cool hat lol. My favourite song was (Don't) Give Hate a Chance. Thanks for putting this setlist up, I couldn't even remember what the first song was! I was having too much fun. :)

just a quick any of these australia concerts, has jay or any of the guys mentioned returning in 2006?

does anybody know where i can get guitar tabs for Starchild? i cant find any anywhere! replies much appreciated!!!!!!!

I have not heard any mention of a return in 2006. I
was in Canberra 4 monondays concert, and I'm going to the Sydney concert on Saturday. It'll be great to see the difference between an indoor and outdoor performance.

Canberra was a great venue. Being a smaller venue it
was more intimate than any other concert I,ve been to.
I had a great time on the dance floor with all the other jive bunnies.....Totally fun-tastic, well worth
the trip from Sydney.

As for Deeper Underground and Virt. Insanity, it didn't
really matter because every other song they did was just as good......& what a top way to start...You don't
get much better than Canned Heat.........

Revolution 1993 was incredible, good to hear some old stuff with the new :D

I'll post some photos from canberra and sydney(after its played!).

awesome its gr8 to see alot of people comming across states to the sydney gig :D its gonna be HOOOGE! :D if u see a catman come say hiiii ^_^


i loved it
i have to find out how to put pics in here and i will do it for you guys

enjoy the rest of the tour
i know i will

oh yes!! i`am going to see it on saturday.
i can`t wait......bizzzzzzzzzz

just another msg to say if ur going to an upcomming concert come and register at for arrangments in meeting other sydney fans!

What a fantastic concert Canberra was.. I saw him in Sydney Feb 2002, wasnt as close as being on dance floor, you could really let loose, great atmosphere, everyone had fun. Canned Heat, what a way to start! He sure is one energetic performer. Wish I was going to other concerts. Well done Jay!! come back next year.

I forgot... last night HE PLAYED STARCHILD!!! it was easily the best and wasn't played in canberra.

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