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Added on Monday 28 November 2005, 21:58 (UTC)

A compilation CD released in the UK this week called "Chelsea Players Top 20" (great catchy title eh!) includes Seven Days In Sunny June.

The album is a selection of tracks from different players in the Chelsea UK soccer team, and Seven Days was the choice of striker Hernan Crespo.

The album is available to purchase from sites including and a review can be read at the Guardian newspaper (UK) website. 

Update: At the CFCNet website you can win a copy of the album, and they also print the press release that announced its release:

You’ve heard the best chants and anthems, now it’s time for the players and their manager to have their say, hence…. “Players Top 20” . It’s a collection of the personal all time favourite tracks of the Chelsea team and with a selection of classic favourites through to modern day hits. whether you're a Rock, Jazz or R 'n' B fan or you're just mad about the blues then there'll be something for you.Chelsea are the first Premiership club to release such an album. Made up of the top players from the top team in the country - each picking their favourite song for their own personal reasons. The product also includes 20 Chelsea FC trivia questions and a mobile wallpaper for free! 

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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