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Added on Monday 28 November 2005, 17:09 (GMT)

Jamiroquai percussionist Sola Akingbola has sent the following email to his mailing list:

Good'ay from down under How we doing peeps? Not even half way into the Australian tour, Christmas is coming and I'm already thinking about mince pies and Xmas pudding!!! Australia is rocking as usual - the fans out here are something else - super psyched! 20,000 people at Centennial Park at the week end ! The band is sounding awesome by now - so tight we're ready for take off - I'm serious it's literally super sonic! Away from home now for almost seven weeks - feels like alot longer - and its getting harder and harder to unwind. I'm slowly becoming nocturnal - some kind of ghost dog - walking the city streets in the middle of the night trying to get tired - some of the heavy boozers are rocking and rolling right up until the end of the tour - they'll probably have to be poured out of the plane at Heathrow!! Anyway people - I just wanted to touch base with you all since I haven't been in touch for a while and also to remind you to check my website every now and again. There's a brand new competition up right now and I hope you have all taken the time to download the new Tank Tribe track featuring Wallis Buchanaan. Remember to send me your feedback and also if you feel inspired to enter your review into the competition. Keep on keeping it funky and Happy Christmas to you all - may everything you dream of come true in 2006 Sola

Sola is a great ambassador for Jamiroquai and I recommend you visit his site at regularly for great tour updates, music downloads and cool competitions.  Whilst you are at his site, why not subscribe to his mailing list so that you can get future emails sent directly to your inbox.

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Hi Sola, thanks for you information about the australian tour and... Happy Chrismas - Feliz Navidad !!!

wooo go sydney! heeh

Hey guys, am heading to Centenial park Sydney this weekend and can't wait! Has been a few years since I last saw JK at Sydney Entertainment Centre. I was wondering whether anybody had an idea as to what time it's supposed to wind up on Saturday? I know it starts at 4pm, but have no idea what time JK will be on and what time all the good times will be coming to a hault for the evening? Any ideas? Cheers, Josh.

The Parade Grounds, Centennial Parklands, NSW
Saturday, December 3, 2005
16:00 Gates
16:15 Goodwill
17:00 Sneaky Sound System
17:45 Goodwill
18:15 Avalanches
20:15 Jamiroquai
22:30 Finish

speaking of wallis, tomorrow (29th) is his 40th birthday (scroll down to birthdays):

Hi Sola, nice to hearing you and the band, I immagine how you feel after such a long tour, must be really hard and all of you are not that young anymore :) hi hi, joking I am in your same age! But still, I hope you come back to UK well and enjoy a relaxing Christmas and a happy new 2006... ciao ciao

Hi Sola,
it's nice to hear from someone from the actuall band.
I hear you are strolling around at night. Try some of that Mountain Goat beer now when you are in the land of Oz. You might sleep better. Thank you for the music!
Have a great Christmas!

mountain goat beer? wot is that meant to mean?

I just read in a mag that there is A Mountain Goat beer, I saw the bottle with my own eyes(?) and it is brewed in Australia! I was hoping someone it's going to update me on what it's like.
I will send the picture of it if you don't believe me!
Any more questions?!
P.S. I should read what other people write more carefully so I don't come across as a stoned goat!

good to hear you're super sonic lol

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