Jay would love to fly around the world in a microlight

Added on Monday 28 November 2005, 12:05 (GMT)

Monday's Daily Mirror newspaper (UK) printed the following short story: 

JAMIROQUAI frontman Jay Kay wants to take to the skies in search of adventure.

The 36-year-old says : "I fancy doing something like Ewan McGregor but instead of motorbikes, fly around the world in a microlight. We'll start across Australia and, if we don't crash in the desert, aim higher and keep going."

After all, he is a Space Cowboy...

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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....has he really stopped with drugs?

OK, get this, the Mirror says "...Jay Kay wants to take to the skies..." says "Thrill-seeking JAMIROQUAI frontman JAY KAY is taking to the skies in a bid to circle the world in a microlight aircraft"

So, although its a pretty poor story in the first place, the other website rips the story and changes the text to mean something else.


All these Sun and Mirror stories are beggining to do my head in. It seems that every day there is another one going. This one is the seventh or the eight one in a row. Are any of them actually true?
I might need to sleep on this one.
I hope he is not high again.
But then, maybe he needs to get high just one more time.

anything who take you out of the idea of quit the music is fine for me :)

OH OH OH YEA and if you look at that same page,,,,,Chris Evens was found playing on his mobile fone in London....OH MY GOD! HOW INTERESTING!


Mark Owen queueing at a cash machine at London Bridge... Boris Becker looking fed up, trying to hail a cab at South Kensington... Neve Campbell leaving Soho's Kingly Club... Chris Evans in the Holly Bush pub in Hampstead, playing with his mobile phone...


... make a world tour with a microlight... uhm yes I am with you Jay, I guess it is an amazing experience and out there we can take pictures for our souls and take them with us ! :)

Microlight? Where do you get those? In Macro's?
I've got one, thanks!

The Cat in the Hat takes to the skies...!!!!, That
would be the coolest thing ever, espicially starting
off in the land of OZ....Make sure your hat supply is in good order as the Australian desert is nasty, but
heaps nice!!!!!!!!!

Jay, jay... you keep surprising me! so the last is to fly around the world in a microlight... it sounds amazing! but who will pilot the microlight? Jay? please remember this is a microlight not a ferrari ... hahahhaaahahaa Take care! Have fun!

this is the return of the space cowboy???lol
good luck jay anyways

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