FJLIS with Payless ShoeSource

Added on Wednesday 30 November 2005, 22:20 (GMT)

American discount shoe store Payless ShoeSource is currently running a television commercial which uses Feels Just Like It Should as its background song.

Have you noticed heard Jamiroquai on any other commercials, television shows or in-stores recently?  If so, why not leave a comment on the site and let us know... 

Credit: Claudia Toledo, Lori, Modyssey Gray

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i saw the new payless shoe commercial today!!! i thought that FJLIS and the commercial came out good together!!! i've heard other jamiroquai songs being played in the background of different television shows on MTV and VH1!!!!

I went to a Sri Lankan charity event in Geneva (CH) tonight - lo and behold, they played FJLIS!

Season 6 opener of CSI (Las Vegas): FJLIS during the "champagne ride" scene

I recently heard Alright at the Gap in San Francisco (on Haight St.)and Canned Heat in the (kinda) new Forever 21 store on the corner of Powel and Market! Hurray

Add H&M to that list. It's good - I know there are times I hear a dope song and I ask the clerk was it is, and I usually look it up when I get home. Many of these stores pipe in XM/Satellite Radio or have store made mixes from DJ's that include Jamiroquai. I got in contact with a few and told them that they should have a section on their website that has the listings of songs played (for tapes and commercials), album the song is from, and where to buy. They are obviously in touch with the record company to get permission to use the song on national tv, so I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem. It may increase their customer portfolio and Jamiroquai fanbase. Payless isn't Ralph Lauren or anything, but it's all good...Gotta work with what you got!

* I heard Dynamite (The Song) being played at David Jones in the city at Centrepoint Sydney.
* There is a store near my station that always plays Jamiroquai
* My mums gym class Jamiroquai is pumping all the time
* Ive heard FJLIS on Mtv and VHI many times in Advertisements and background music.
* Also heard the whole Dynamite album and HMV and Sanity when it was released :-)

On UK TV "Bad Lads Army" a few months ago, they played "The Kids" a lot, it might have been the theme..

Uk T.V Soap Eastenders always has FJLIS playin in the background in the market scenes!!

New York Sports Club usually plays the Virtual Insanity video, but recently I saw FJLIS and Supersonic as well. Nearly fell of the machine I was using both times! LOL!

VH1s plays snippets of Jamiroquai songs all the time on its "Best Week Ever" show.

I heard Planet Home while shopping at Old Navy the other day.

A rarely played TV commercial for the Honda MDX (4WD car) shown in Sydney, used Corner of the Earth in their ad!

I was recently in an Express Clothing shop here in the States and heard, I believe, Seven Days In Sunny June being played on the store's music.

Surprisingly, or maybe not so much, while I was in Japan and Korea this past summer, it seemed like just about every other shop was playing the entire, or various tracks from, "Dynamite". It was pretty cool!

Last Nite on One Tree Hill (sorry I'm a fan), "Feels just like it should" was the music used for the cheerleading dance set.

At an Old Navy store, "Time won't wait" was a part of the playlist. It was GREAT!!

Aki en Chile en el programa matutino "En Boca de Todos" de Canal13, la cancion es un jingle basado en Main Vein...claro que antes de que pusieran el jingle, ponian la Original...asi que me levantaba con mas ganas jeje

10 minutes after i read the info a/b the commercial-I saw it!! Good commercial-it all works-hope to see it more. I was in Old Navy the other day for about 45 minutes and heard Jamiroquai 2x!! Mix of Little L and YOu are my love from Travelling! I was singing it as I was trying on clothes!!! Fun!!

At the end of the Wigan v Newcastle game on Sky Sports on Wednesday night on 30th November, FJLIS was played at the endof the programme.

jamiroquai music was played on the wb hit show one tree hill feels just like it should

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