Canned Heat redefined by Napoleon Dynamite

Added on Friday 25 November 2005, 09:30 (GMT)

An article at the Guardian newspaper (UK) website talks about songs that have been redefined by movies, Canned Heat and it's starring role in Napoleon Dynamite are discussed.  The paper writes...

If it's hard to ruin a great song (unless you're Richard Curtis), then it's harder still to reassess a supposedly naff one. The climactic dance scene in Napoleon Dynamite vindicates not just the geeky antihero but also his song of choice. Even music snobs open-minded enough to rate the Bee Gees tend to draw the line at Jamiroquai's ersatz jazz-funk, but Napoleon Dynamite reveals that beneath the twattish millinery, Canned Heat is a latter-day disco classic.

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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Why do some people have a problem with Jamiroquai's music? It really annoys me. Obviously I am going to be biased being a fan of the band's music and posting on this site but I really don't understand what problem musically or otherwise people, or these "music snobs" that this journalist talks about, could find with Jamiroquai. I don't who would these people are that have supposed Canned Heat is a naff song and the song needs no vindication from any film to make it any sort of classic. If people need a popular cult (i know it's an oxymoron) to justify their liking a song then who cares about their opinion in the first place.

At skool ppl all take the mick out of me. I dont see how green day are any better!

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