Jay Kay to hang up hat?

Added on Friday 25 November 2005, 08:36 (GMT)

The Sun newspaper (UK) has a report today (Friday) saying that Jay is ready to retire.  The article says that he "wants to quit music for good — to live the quiet life at home with his beloved dogs."

"There are other things I want to do with my life after spending 15 years doing this."

"I like what I do and I have made myself a good living. But I just don't like the c**p that goes with it."

"I want peace and quiet and to meet a nice girl and have some little pitter-patterers (children) and chill out."

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He won't really quit the music, he'll just not to do so much promotion, back to the beginning, I guess!
What he said really pull out my tenderness:)) Jay, take a good rest! and open your eyes for a really nice girl!

Firstly, this is The Sun....god knows if this is true!!! If it is then the world would be a sadder place without Jamiroquai. This links very much to the Sony topic. If Dynamite was a worldwide success and all went well, then we would not be reading things like this. I don't think that Jay will be retiring just yet. He has a lot to prove, not the music business, but to himself. Jay, if you give up now, you'll be kicking yourself when you're older. Don't listen to what they say, just live the life you want...with or without music, but we think you'll choose the former :) You have great fans who adore your and your band's music. Sure, settle down if that's what you want, but keep the music alive for bit longer, won't you?

I agree with Anna , The Sun is usually making it up like the story over Jay wanting an airport. And secondly does anyone remember a few years back in 2002 such stories were coming out? Of course he wants to give up music one day, but i don't think (hope) that its likely now.There are two more albums to come and when Dynamite was coming out he siad he still enjoys the thrill of making an album and putting it out. Also if he does give up how will he be able to pay to keep all those cars? Surely if he did give up he'd come back one day.Oh and i too wouldn't know what to do in life if Jamiroquai ended either!

noway Jay, i don't think he'll ever retire because music is in his blood. he'll just take some time off to find a nice girl.
who knows the sun could be spreading rumors!!

Please, say it isn't so! He can't leave music now... I know the SUN is a tabloid, but sometimes tabloids break real news as well...

This is why I did not know whay everybody was happy about Jay hating Sony. I know everybody likes when the artist rebels against the company, but this is what usually happens next. I hope this is not true. Dynamite was a great album, but Jamiroquai just can let it end with Dynamite!!!

Jay seems to be deseperate these days... Keep the faith Jay, we support you!!!

true or not, this just adds to the the words of florida evans "d*mn, d*mn, d*mn". fans or those familiar with classic tv show, good times will get that.happy holidays :) (hey, had to say something positive)

This is unacceptable!! We have waited for ages for JK to visit AUS again and he needs to be more professional about the AUS tour... why should we suffer when the album has just been released and then Sony announces a second concert in Sydney only to consolidate them into one concert for a ridiculous reason... they are ripping us off and if the concert is not what we expected then we should get a refund and JK can piss off back to the UK and look after his stupid dogs.. Man make up your mind and look after your fans buddy... because we won’t be happy and maybe next time we won't be supporting the next bullshit tour!!

Get your act together and don’t play games JK!!!

Jay! Find a nice girl, but please, DON'T QUIT THE MUSIC! We love you!!

Jason, honey,
my brain kind of went 2 zero gravity when I heard what you are thinking about. You must be exausted from this Mega Tour and can't think straight.
You just need a good rest. You can't give up music.
You were born to rock, remember that lyric!
I hope that the story about the dog is some rubbish that newspapers write. If it is true, I am very sorry to hear that.
I am a massive fan of Jamiroquai from Brasil and I love your work (and you as a person) very much.
I wish you all the best in life!
Happy Christmas too!
Love from Rosa

no way..i will cook and clean for you just keep on writting excellent songs...

DAMN!... all I can say...

I agree with Anna if Dynamite was a worldwide success then he won´t be saying this but jamiroquai still great and funkin I think Jay is a little disappointed because he´s not selling that well but if they quit then I´ll be the one disappointed and Iim gonna cry :(

noo. someone tell the man he cannot give up. we all need him so much. i don't want to be stuck listening to oldies!!


Well, you know pretty much every big record label is a b*****d. I think it's time Jay and the boys put out their music on their own independent label - no record exec's to worry about, you OWN the recordings and control all aspects of its production, etc.....they've got enough money by now, surely! It seems logical to me. That's what I'd want.

Jay's just tired and worn out is all. He's not quitting music. Not by a long shot. He just needs to finish up the tour then go home to relax and recharge his batteries.

He's gotta do what he's gotta do. Just tour til the end of next summer JK and then call it quits. you gotta give us loyal (unfortunately but few) Americans one more go before you hang it up. No one can blame you for this, just 1 more year please!!!!

He's got to do 8 albums anyway, so he might carry on!

I don't believe this! i can't! I wish Jay the best in his personal life. i hope he find a nice girl one day and have some children and peace and quiet, but please Jay never stop doing music.. i need to hear your voice, your songs!!

All Jay needs is a nice bath and a body massage! So, me....076.... ;)

about me.... kick sony´s ass,find your girl,make a lot of babies,enjoy your money and no more tours....BUT NEVER STOP MAKING YOUR FANTASTIC MUSIC.
create your own label and make the music you wanna make:100 per cent music!!!!

jay - i'll happily fetch the pipe and slippers dear! xxxx - you never gave me time to say I love you xxxx
thanks for Melbourne Concert -!

Jay,your music is everything to me,even when i am feeling sad,you lift up my spirits.Do whats right for you,but remember,your music is fantastic,uplifting and inspirational. I will always love Jamiroquis music,even when im old and and god bless,jackie gregg,your biggest fan.xxxx

Don't give up Jay!
Everybody love and support you!!!!

Please DO NOT leave. You have taken elements of dance,jazz and funk and created a beautiful sound. It reminds me of the era of jazz funk where inspite of it's commercial appeal it still had the touch of musicians creating,writing and playing!!!! If a rest is what you need,then please take it and allow your soul to recharge. But, GOD FORBID if you do not share the remaining music within Jamiroquai, with the rest of the world.

From the book a Million Little Pieces..."HOLD ON"..."HOLD ON"!!


What happen,Jay?I'm your fans from 3rd album.Then i bought Jam 1st,2nd,4th,5th and the latest album,Dynamite..Your song's very inspired me(and whole the world i think..)'Waiting in vain'(excuse me Bob)for 4 yrs is very insane..and then you stop it!!!???why you not try to "searching Cosmic girl"for your life and make some collaboration with her..Space cowboy and Cosmic girl..hmm..i'm waiting for that moment and your concert in Indonesia(cancelled in yr 2002 after the fuc**** tragedy)...!!!!-keep the funkin from one of Indonesian fans

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