Jamiroquai - Live In London

Added on Sunday 20 November 2005, 09:05 (GMT)
Jamiroquai - Clapham Common - 3 July 2005

On Channel 4 television (UK) early this morning (Sunday), a 30 minute show called "Jamiroquai - Live In London" was broadcast, containing footage from the B-Live Clapham Common concert from July of this year.  The following tracks were broadcast uninterrupted during the TV programme:

  • Feels Just Like It Should
  • Seven Days In Sunny June
  • Starchild
  • Love Foolosophy
  • Deeper Underground

I was not expecting great things from the show (other than lots of commercials and incomplete tracks), but they have done a fantastic job with this show with over 23 minutes of live concert footage.  I'm very impressed.

The video (168mb DivX avi file) is now available on the downloads page.  Enjoy.

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David, you're a genius! I can't wait to see this video even if the selection of tracks is not as good as expected! But it's not very important cause the B-Live is the concert of the CENTURY!!! Somewhere in the world tonight...

It was fantastic! It did capture the atmosphere - shame it wasn't all 22 tracks! (was 22?????) Perhaps, we'll see a live dvd coming out from B Live, now wouldn't that be great????
Look forward to seeing the video, thanks David.

Very tired this morning, but well worth it! The crowd looked amazing, the best ever. I wish I had thought of the buffalo balloon!!

How do you capture those videos? Will you convert them to dvd source?

Cant Wait, hope its up in the next hour

I'm really looking forward to it. Thank you David for putting the show on the download section. It was a fantastic concert and the journey from Germany was really worth it.

Brilliant - brought back all those memories of a fantastic day!! How can anyone not like Jamiroquai!!

truly a magnificent show by jamiroquai!! utterly amazing & truly unforgettable!:) just watching the show brought back gr88 memories for me & meeting the jami crew, too!lolol

P.S not surprise i didn't spot myselflol....also not shock as to how many people attended the event!!! ciao funksters!:)

Just a comment here, on the broadcast I saw, much of the filming seemed a little "dark". There were some camera shots that were good and bright, and then many that were muted and not bright enough. This was both on my Sky Digital TV signal (from somewhere up in space!) and also from the FreeView broadcast (from the Crystal Palace broadcast tower).

How was the broadcast elsewhere?

It was so cool to see some live footage of this great gig. The only problem being that you don't want the programme to end so soon.

In reply to David's comment on the broadcast, i was up in Yorkshire(Bradford)and noticed this too, watching it from the normal terristerial broadcasts. And about the gig-i loved it, wanted more so they'd better put it on a DVD! So wish i'd been there!

Yea I in Bradford too, all the same it seems, great gig tho, lucky i was up!

David - I have an indoor arial that only picks up 4 channels (it looks like something from the 50's!) and a tv from the 80's - so my viewing was fuzzy anyway! I thought the "darkness" was just the time of the event and my tv!

Queen of Funk - I'm sure I saw you! I did spot faces and spent most of the time shouting at my tv!

I also noticed it was a lttle dark in places. But wow for 5 tracks it was amazing. I had a mate round who doesn't really like Jamiroquai and he liked it especally Deeper Underground. I thought the little dancing routine in feels just like it should was amazing. Thanks David if you hadn't had put it on your website that it was on I would have missed it.

Downloading now, thanks David :).

I think the shots that were dark were just how it was shot at the time, don't think it was any prob with the broadcast. I have already watched it through about 4 times. It really does bring back such great memories and it's always nice to spot yourself in there. Love it!

yer EDDI,it whas really good,very quick and agile lol!but i dont no if was rehursed,but he missed the bit ov FJLIS,so started singin back on "i need a lil sexfunk rite now"

keep it funky :)

One more time David, thanks a lot for sharing this video sooooo fast. I haven't got words enough to tell you how your job is amazing!!! Concerning the show, to be really honest, musically speaking, it's not the best show I've seen from Jamiroquai. Moreover, the sound is not balanced very well: Too much Guitar (Starchild is not as good as studio version), I can't hear the bass and keyboards correctly... It doesn't sound as well as expected! Only Deeper is perfect during the show. What's your opinion about that?

Thank you so much for this Daivid :D!!
I'm downloading it rite now!


...and thanks againg, hehe


Don't look at this if you haven't watched the video yet! but this is great - 11 of us - if you count my shoulder!

Saxophone in Deeper underground?! Amazing! Probably the best DU rendition I've ever heard. Nice one - thanks David.

love foolosophy is cutted and edited. it's not the full version

appart from that the thing is excelent, all the tracks are great. thanks david for putting this only and that fast

thanks David! :D How cool to see so many of us in the crowd! :) ...wohoo... and you can see my soap bubbles in Seven Days! Strike!

*sigh* so amazing...just goes to prove what you miss when you live in america...that show is outstanding! the one i went to...enjoyable but the energy was no where near the london show.

Hey David!! thanks very uch for putting this show up here for download!!! I spot Cosimc Bear in the video though!!


Thank You David, very important concert for Jamiroquai, and so important for us fans to see. I was really hoping this would surface someday! Yes, an official DVD release would be spledid. I thought the sound was ok, It's definetly better played through home stereo speakers, as PC speakers just don't do it any justice. I had no problems making this a "VCD" with Nero 6 and watching on my DVD player. I saw the soap bubbles Meike and Cosmic Bear in the crowd, too. What a huge crowd !!! Amazing. Wish I could have ben there.


How do u turn into a VCD.Im having trouble

Funkstar: have a look at - they have some great tutorials for converting from almost any format to almost any other format.

Everytime the crane camera panned the crowd, there was my girlfriend and I singing away!!! Brilliant to relive that day again - I wonder if there are every any plans to release the whole gig as a DVD? The gig was defintely good enough!

Brilliant!!! Thanks David for bringing back some amazing memories of that great day. I didn't realise the crowd was that massive when I was there, being closer to the front. Freakin HUGE!!! It's definitely got me fired up for Melbourne at the end of the week!

Hey Ms.P,
are you standing behind Meike + Stephan?

:-((((( I can't download it . . . I don't why, I wanna cry !!! Maybe I willl get lucky sooner or later with the download prob. It was a great day wasn't it ??? Salutations to Queen of Funk !!! And to all the members of Jamily who were there but we didn't manage to get introduced to one another.
WE DEMAND A FULL DVD !!! Raise the petition now !!!
Thank you very much for putting up on the downloads David.

Hey Buffle,
No - I'm 2 people to the left of Meike - next to Little H in a denim hat! You only see me in Deeper Underground. I think that's Saffy behind Meike and Stephan. In the video still - there's actually 12 of us from the community - Jamdown's just in it - to the right of Meike. :D.
Old Serge seems to be in loads!
I'm going to put some more pics up later.

Deeper underground was brilliant, never realy been a jamiroqai fan but after this i thenk they are brilliant!!

only wish they would bring it out on DVD because i diddnt tape it. mite buy live in verona tho!

Was just about to go to bed (had to go to work on sunday morning)when I saw it was on @ 01:25. Stayed up until then, recorded it,then stayed up until about 04:00 re-playing it again & again...Couldn't go to the concert but looked really cool. Shame programme only lasted 30 mins. Jamiroquai are unique and with so much dross about in the charts its a shame they dont get much more recognition from the public and especially the British press . Met JK and the band back in '96 in this dingy niteclub in Mauritius(no camera so no one believes me) and u couldn't meet a more genuine down to earth person. I do think this will be their last album but with support from us and the great work that David does on this website I hope im proved wrong. Last point how were the Brand New Heavies? Any news if they are touring?

VCD help for Funkstar:

I open Nero, choose make VCD, then add the file and put in a blank CD(not DVD) and hit burn!

most DVD players should play without a problem, mine takes a second or two before it plays it though, I have a Memorex DVD player that plays mp3's and such.

good luck!

[email protected]

This is great, saw jamiroquai for the 4th time in rotterdam this footage from london is great,THIS ASKS FOR A BRAND NEW DVD!!!


I see people are wondering why certain shots were dark in some parts, it wasnt anything to do with the time of day, its for the benefit of people who suffer from epilepsy, because if you noticed, those particular shots had alot of flashing lights in the background (stage lights). Many t.v stations do this whenever there are alot of flashes going on, and sometimes reduce the frame rate. (flash photography, gunfire etc...) Good concert as well, im glad deeper underground got the crowd jumping, great track.

Hi MsP - Nice screencap, you got me in there as well :D Bottom left, green T shirt, in front of someone in a light blue top. I was amazed how many times I'm in the crowd shots.

David, thank you so getting this online so quick - I was asleep on sunday morning! This also makes up for my camera battery failing while I was videoing SDISJ.


I haven't watched the show yet but remember it being an amazing day.....
All I have to say is - Sony, use your brains and get this concert out on DVD!!!

Hey Andy - are you the guy with the beard and the big grin on his face????? I'll see if I can find you in some more!

Superb wasn't it????! :D Incidentally, a friend of a friend went to the gig in LA (she's from England)- and said she wasn't really a fan before, went to the gig and it was the best live gig she'd ever been too :D.

Here's another cheeky chappy from Jamline :D. (I'm getting a bit carried away with this capturing screen shots stuff!).

thank u funkin for puting this vidz but unfortunately many peole who dont have fast internet at home or even not home conexion and often surf in publik place where the conexion is very fast ;wont whatche that vidz cose it is in torrent link

Hey everyone--I d/led a VLC media player so I could watch this video on my computer but I can't get it to play! The leno performence works fine on the VCL but not the new d/l of this show--any help is greatly appreciated!


Just download Divx ( this will work with the video.

hey, I have 1 question, was that concert justo fro jamiroquai or for other music groups??????, there were a lot of people!

After seeing them that day at Clapham Common, I'd say Jay not on drugs is definitely better!

i agree

Very emotions relife that gig with my PC.
I never forget 3 July in London ;)

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