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Added on Sunday 20 November 2005, 17:20 (GMT)

(Don't) Give Hate A Chance dropped 12 places this week to number 39 in the Official UK Singles Chart today (Sunday).

In the albums chart, Dynamite moved up a further six places this week and is currently at number 70, after 22 weeks on the chart.

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What!!!!!!!!! Dropped twelve places. Somethings up. I thought it would climb up the charts.

u r the best

That's because there are so many people in the UK (and the world) lacking intelligence thesedays!! They wouldn't know good music if it came and knocked on their door! Nowadays, the charts are made up of tasteless music with nasty and useless meanings. Long live Jamiroquai, they are pure talent!

hmmm, ive heard so much of feels just like it should on tv advertising etc, still does not seem to help tho.

I knew that if I bought the single it would drop and hey I bought the single on Saturday ... and it dropped

ohhhhhhhhhhh f**k youuuuu englaaaaaaaaaand!!oh my god,james blunt is ruling the chart!!!where is this world going?????????????????

Looks like it's not Jay's year! People do not appreciate this kind of quality music anymore. Looks like they are not "boy group" enough for todays kids ;-)

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