Sydney show venue and date changes

Added on Friday 18 November 2005, 08:39 (GMT)

After selling out both Sydney concerts, the promoters of the shows - Michael Coppel Presents - have announced a change of venue and dates.  The Friday 2 December concert has been cancelled, and the concert on 3 December has been moved to a larger area within Sydney's Centennial Park, which will accomodate more than the original two concerts capacity combined. 

Here is the full announcement:

CHANGE OF VENUE WITHIN CENTENNIAL PARK FOR ONE & ONLY SYDNEY CONCERT Strong ticket demand has created space limitations at the original Centennial Park concert site in Mission Fields.

Accordingly Michael Coppel Presents is relocating Jamiroquai's Sydney show to a larger and better-appointed area within Centennial Park known as THE PARADE GROUNDS.

The Parade Grounds provides better viewing and audio coverage, as well as permitting multiple entry and food and beverage service points.  Most importantly there will be more room to dance, enhancing the concert experience! Due to the relocation of the venue within Centennial Park the show on Friday December 2 would lead to an unavoidable impact on other scheduled park activities and therefore will not take place. All tickets purchased for the Friday December 2 show will now be valid for Saturday December 3, with no need for exchange or refund. A final release of 2,000 extra tickets will be made available as from 9 AM on FRIDAY, November 17 - once sold out there will be no further ticket releases. If ticket holders for the December 2 concert are unable to attend, refunds must be arranged prior to 5 PM on December 1, and will not be considered after this date.

The 2,000 additional tickets for the 3 December concert at the Parade Grounds in Centennial Park are now available from

Credit: Michael Cattana

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Nice! I feel bad for any Aussies havin a conflict on the day of the rescheduled concert, but this is great news for the band! lol now JK and the boys can recoup some of that supposed "lost money" from the U.S. tour lol. Have a good weekend y'all.

How great is that? Kudos to the band for a great music. I could only wish I could have this opportunity to listen to them in such a great venue. Unfortunately I live in Chicago...

I know this is a bit off topic but I thought I should mention that I am the winner of the K600i Jamiroquai ltd edition phone that was offered through this website! It's a great phone - only problem being that I am having serious trouble registering it. Anyway, I just want to say thanks to David Rowe.

Wow, I have tickets for the Dec 3rd show. Sounds like a lot of people will be there. We can't wait.

How many people will end up being their now? and what is the attraction of the parade grounds in cenntenial park? why not the domain or botanical gardens

im notsure wot the deal with the venue location but by the sounds of it they have over 20,000 tickets sold otherwise they wouldnt be allowed to use parade grounds and they mentiond they had permission ... it can hold up to 70,000 people aswell.... im interested to kno how many people!

i jsut remember'd why it cant be at the domain !!! becoz homebake is on the same day as jamiroquai!!!! homebake has a fucking amazing lineup this year!!! all aussie talent! :D

Well that explains the venue, 70 000 people will be a wicked experience. just like the football last wendesday night!

(Spain and antipode)
COngratulations for the australian fans !!!

I'm bummed...I was looking forward to seeing Jam twice! Now only one concert in Sydney...that sux!

hey astro join if ur interested in meeting other syd fans at the concert ;)

hey guys its all good no probs for me i was going to the saturday 3rd anyway , should be great now with extra people.
i am so happy canberra 6days newcastle 8 days and sydney 11 days
it doesnt get musch better

I don't know about anyone else but I have to register my absolute annoyance at the hide of Showbiz for charging me $16 extra for each ticket they sold me (4) for the benefit of being able to purchase through them. All benefit of pre-sale tix is removed now that so many more tickets are available and I feel thoroughly ripped off. Why would my friends who are coming with me want to pay more just because of the company I bought the tix through??? (NB They don't let you know they're charging you extra) Beware this showbiz pitfall!!!

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